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10 Quick Ways to Go from Fat to Firm

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Target That Trouble Spot

Attack your problem areas with these tricks:

7. Beat cellulite with a roller. Some experts swear by rolling out -- using a foam roller that looks like a very wide pool noodle. The premise: When connective tissue becomes dehydrated, especially in the layers closest to the skin, the fibers weaken and separate, so the underlying fat pokes through. "Rolling rehydrates and firms up the connective tissue by moving fluids," says Sue Hitzmann, an exercise physiologist and manual therapist in New York City. "It won't make you thinner, but if you have lumpy thighs, it helps." Buy a roller for $30 at

8. Bust your gut on a ball. "Exercising on a stability ball forces you to engage all of your abdominal and lower-back muscles," explains Sue Fleming, fitness expert and author of Fashionably Buff. One of our fave moves: plank pose on the ball. Begin in a plank position -- palms on floor directly below shoulders, back straight, abs engaged, body parallel with floor, legs extended with feet on ball. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds, keeping abs tight; relax.

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heather_jameson01 wrote:

I used to do squats to get rid of the cellulite I had on my thighs, but didn't really help. However, after years of failures, I managed to banish it in 2 months using coffee grind body wraps done daily, special foods and drinks. To read my full story, go to

3/11/2013 05:36:29 PM Report Abuse
kfitmom2 wrote:


7/12/2010 05:33:13 PM Report Abuse
STthurs wrote:

I do squats as I take clothes out of the dryer and fold them, as I go down to pick up a item I squat

4/27/2010 07:33:09 AM Report Abuse
dawnerz1 wrote:

th0029- haha I like that!

3/15/2010 03:53:44 PM Report Abuse
th0029 wrote:

when i go to the bathroom to do 5 squats really quick just keep the blood flown and its great for the legs.

12/14/2009 12:18:58 PM Report Abuse

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