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You thought you were being so smart, taking swigs from your BPA-free water bottle between sets at the gym. "No endocrine disruption for me!" you probably told yourself. But it now appears that even the "healthier" plastics used to make baby bottles, baggies, food storage containers, and more contain something just as icky—it's called, uncreatively, BPS. (Bisphenol S, 4,4'-sulfonyldiphenol, if you want to get technical.) And chances are it's in your body as we speak. Here's what you need to know. More
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Countless books, poems, and songs are written about the pursuit of happiness. But when it comes to finding the real deal, we've got the goods. Here are 11 scientifically proven ways to be happy. Songwriters, take note. More
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Venus has Serena. Beyonce has Jay-Z. Peanut butter has jelly. One good thing transforms to something great with the help of the perfect pairing. Another thing that's better as a duet? Your workout! Here's why there's strength in numbers. More
18 hours ago
Forget the bulky, uncomfortable chest straps (because let's be honest, you weren't really using them anyway). Today's heart rate monitors are small, sleek, and 100 percent capable of keeping you on top of your health. Here are eight reasons you need to keep tabs on your ticker's beats. More

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Do you yell or cry when you're under pressure—or freak out sliently? Learn why you react the way you do and how to cope. More
3 days ago
Everybody has their go-to health and fitness secrets, and celebrities are no exception. We caught up with a few of our favorites to hear how they stay fit and healthy—and even have fun doing it. More
3 days ago
You know protein helps build muscle and keep you full. But that doesn't make it easy to whip up a pork tenderloin or grill a lean cut of beef after every gym sesh. That's why we rounded up the tastiest, healthiest homemade protein bar options that require little prep time and—more importantly—lack that chalky aftertaste. You're welcome. More
4 days ago
Does a new study give followers of a wheat-free diet permission to eat pasta? We investigate. More
4 days ago
As the onetime resident yoga instructor at Nike headquarters, alignment pro Tiffany Cruikshank perfected this series while working with all the stiff runners who came looking to loosen up. "Just a few key stretches will target the areas that tighten up the most after a run—hips, hamstrings, IT [iliotibial] bands and calves," Cruikshank says. Try these postrun—"while the tissues are still warm"—to keep the boing in your stride. More
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This diet could slash your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, according to new research. Find out which foods can help you live a long, AD-free life, and which foods to eat in moderation. More
5 days ago
There's a lot more to push-ups than getting on all fours and moving up and down. And knowing the proper technique is important: It'll reduce your risk of injury, improve core strength, and burn more calories. Make note of these common mistakes, then visit pushupsforcharity.com to see how doing push-ups can also help veterans nationwide. More
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Whether your running routine is a way to stay in shape or to test the limits of your personal best, these tester-approved running shoes will help you get more out of every single stride. More
6 days ago
No matter how fit you are, a hard workout is meant to challenge both your body and your mind, leaving behind nothing but a giant puddle of sweat. If that sounds like your workout moto, we bet you'll relate to these workout experiences. More
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If you're like most on-the-go women, there's a good chance granola bars seriously simplify your life. (Hellooo, easy breakfast.) Thing is, store-bought bars that look healthy are often loaded with high-fructose corn syrup and lacking in nutrients. Avoid the excess sugar and empty calories with these homemade granola bars where you control the ingredients. On the run? Wrap individual bars with parchment paper and tie them with string for easy portability. More