1 day ago
Experts share their tips at #FitBlogNYC, where we brought together the top bloggers and trainers in the industry for a day fitness and fun. More
4 days ago
So your super-sweaty workouts are causing breakouts? Add this ingredient to your anti-acne arsenal. More
5 days ago
The simplest way to stop snacking starts first thing in the morning. Here's how to encourage healthier eating habits, all day long. More
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Our staffers have been working their booties off (sadly not in the calorie-burning way) to bring you the brand-new FitnessMagazine.com. We hope you ♥ the new look as much as we do, but we're more than just a pretty face: Our new site will make finding and sharing your favorite fitness content easier than ever. Whether you're at the gym looking for an ab-blasting workout or standing in the kitchen trying to figure out a healthy dinner, we've got you. To celebrate our reboot, we chased down our favorite fun facts about the site. More

#MakeFitHappen Pro Tips

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Shoes trail running
1 week ago
Stride or ride off-road for a hotter body and a cooler mind. Here's your so-easy guide—just add sunshine.  More
Nonni's Double Chocolate Salted Caramel Biscotti Bites
1 week ago
You shouldn't feel guilty about satisfying your sweet tooth, but that doesn't mean anything goes. To help you indulge wisely, try these 8 FITNESS Healthy Food Award winners that taste sinful but are all under 140 calories and free of trans fats, partially hydrogenated oils, and artificial sweeteners. With 13 or fewer grams of sugar per serving (that's about the amount in a packet of instant oatmeal), they'll give you the boost you need without the crash you hate. How sweet is that?  More
1 week ago
How you sweat says a lot about who you are when you're sporting spandex. Find out which workout suits you best so you can #makefithappen all day, erryday. More
2 weeks ago
Whether you want to splurge on a beauty breakthrough or try a DIY treatment, these FITNESS Beauty Awards winners will make you feel like a million bucks. More
3 weeks ago
Muffins, pancakes, and breakfast burritos on a weekday? Yes, ma'am. Put in around an hour or less of weekend prep and you can have good mornings all week long. More
Back of woman washing hair
4 weeks ago
Simplify your beauty routine without sacrificing your look with these top time-saving beauty award winners.  More
1 month ago
We asked FITNESS readers when they feel best about their bodies. Twenty-four percent said after a workout; another 20 percent said right now. Love that! Here, eight strategies to make you feel like hot stuff 24/7. More
1 month ago
Love can make you do crazy things -- like polish off a big bag of chips with your boyfriend. In fact, the more serious the relationship is, the more weight women gain. According to a study in Obesity, daters put on 15 pounds over five years, cohabitants packed on 18 pounds, and married women took the cake at 24 pounds. And getting heavier can do a number on your bond. "Weight gain can lead to emotional distress and less interest in sex," says Rachel Dinero, PhD, an associate professor of psychology at Cazenovia College. Here's how to kiss off extra pounds, whether you've been together for two months or 20 years. More