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Workout and Exercise Tips

Want to know the secrets to getting a toned, trim body in record time?

True, the seemingly endless pull-ups, burpees, and rope climbs can be intimidating.

The X Games are right around the corner, and these need-to-watch ladies seriously know what they're doing, both on the slopes and off.

Researchers found that a specific kind of vegetable juice increases the blood flow to your muscles. Here's how to use their findings to dominate every workout.

Trading the track for the treadmill as temps drop? Here's what you should know about the chemicals you might be inhaling indoors.

Whether you live to exercise or exercise to live, we know you want to get the most out of your workout. Step one: Knowing how to separate fitness facts from fiction.

Think beyond the beach towel and take a vacation that will transform your body and blow your mind. C'mon — your perfect escape awaits!

No more wasted workouts. Bye-bye, fat pants. We've tackled your all-time biggest exercise roadblocks and debunked your top fitness myths. Now quit wondering and unlock your best body ever.

Give your body the jolt it needs in the kitchen and the gym. Here, the latest clean eating recipes and new calorie-blasting workout moves to look good, feel better, and work out harder.

Your body is part of a science experiment that's reformulating how you shape up from now on.

The best workout is the one you'll actually do! Our editors dish on their favorite workout routines—from running to biking to yoga.

Let's face it: There are just some exercises (we're looking at you squats and planks) that you don't always look forward to—heck, sometimes you even hate them—but the results are so worth it.

In the past six months, we've seen several pregnant women — including a ballerina, a CrossFitter and a marathon runner called out in the media for continuing their strenuous exercise regimens.

While you should always consult your physician before planning a workout routine, Extreme Weight Loss trainer Chris Powell explains which exercises you should avoid while pregnant, and how you can mai

Extreme Weight Loss trainer Chris Powell gives tips on working out with your partner, even if you don't typically like the same kinds of workouts.

Celeb trainer and P90X3 creator Tony Horton reveals his favorite ways to fuel up for a workout.

What's the best way to work out? Celeb trainer and P90X3 creator Tony Horton shares his expert opinion.