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Workout and Exercise Tips

Want to know the secrets to getting a toned, trim body in record time?

The sci-fi actress also shares how she stays healthy with an autoimmune disease, and why she couldn't care less about how she looks as a new mom.

The National Park Service (aka the wrangler of all things nature in the USA) turns 100 this August.

Ladies, it's time to get a grip—literally. One new study says 20-something women have lost a lot of strength in their hands.

Certified trainer Mike D sees major fitness fails just as often as we do. So follow his tips to...just not.

Exercising in heat may provide similar performance benefits to exercising at high altitudes, says a new study

Fitness and Sweat TV has partnered with Grokker to find the next Grokstar, finding expert fitness talent to bring you the best workouts and help you stay in shape.

Looking for a goal worth training for that doesn't involve the suffix "thon"?

These five expert-backed reasons for saying goodbye to exercise machines will inspire you to shake things up with your fitness.

I trained like a stripper to see if I could get my sexy back.

Your fitness performance can be changed for the better when you use deep breathing techniques. The more oxygen, the harder you can push yourself. Here's how to do it.

Being a group fitness instructor is exciting when your class is ready to put in work. But these habits REALLY get to us.

Healthy workout habits

After sweating it out at the gym, the last thing you want is to undo your hard work. We often break our own diet rules thinking we deserve it.

We're always searching for optimal balance, whether it's having a good hair day (not frizzy but not totally flat) or having the perfect glass (or two) of wine (happy but without a hangover).

There are two types of people in the world: The ones who can wake up early for a workout, and the ones who think sweating before sunrise is torture.

The ~special~ characters you will most certainly encounter in any gym across the country. And if you haven't spotted one? There's a good chance you are one.