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Shoes trail running

Stride or ride off-road for a hotter body and a cooler mind. Here's your so-easy guide—just add sunshine. 

Change terrain on your run to firm all over.

Pump up your running pace with hardcore plyometrics.

Your bod was built for running. And the more you do, the hotter and healthier you get. Whether you want to slim down or speed up, we've got the tips, training plans and sweet gear that will move you.

Stride to the beat with a killer playlist.

Our editors tell the stories of how they started running—and how it went from a total chore to something they really looked forward to doing.

Editor in Chief Betty Wong shares how she started training for her first half marathon (she's done more than 15 now!) and her tips on getting through race day.

Fly through your next 5K — or beyond — with this secret-weapon track workout.

Still haven't tackled a mud run? Women make up 58 percent of the racers, so if you haven't, you're missing out on good, grungy fun.

Runner bummer: We tend to lose some of our fitness this season by sitting out the snow and the shivery temps, researchers at Ohio State University found.

So your routine has hit a slump. Download these freebies to undo it.

Senior Editor Bethany Gumper shares the most important tips she learned from her first mud run race. Bonus: She also scored a special discount for FITNESS readers interested in trying a mud run!

Training for a triathlon with my pals brought out our inner rivals. Could our relationship go the distance?

Tackling hills can pump up your pace, even when you're cruising down them.

Baby, it's hot outside — but what's a devoted runner to do? "Match your workout to the weather by slowing down during exercise and seeking shade afterward," says Samuel N.

Running in superplush sneaks may baby your feet, but they give your legs a beating, experts say.

If you're sick of sticking to the streets, try a trail instead. Here's what you need to know to become a trail runner.