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All your friends are doing it — just check out the brag shots on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. Want in?

Stick to your training plans and take on more miles with these tips from readers who've successfully crossed the finish line.

Swim, bike, run—sounds fun, right? It can also feel a bit overwhelming, but there's no need for your first triathlon to be scary.

Your knees have a thankless job. They bear the brunt of your body weight while helping you walk, run, and move seamlessly—all without much complaining.

If the thought of training for a 5K makes you want to curl up in a fetal position and breath deeply into a brown paper bag, you aren't alone.

There's a science to choosing the perfect energy supply to help you fly through your miles. We tapped some top pros to make it simple.

Somehow, those infamous long runs (you know, the really long ones) never seem to get easier, no matter how conditioned you are.

Kick butt on your next run with these eye-of-the-tiger mental tips from Traci Statler, Ph.D., a professor of sport psychology at California State University, Fullerton, who helps give the USA Track &a

Prepping your mind, body, and soul for a marathon is a unique fitness experience.

This strength circuit hits the sweet spot where your body gets the extra juice it needs to run faster without postworkout soreness slowing you down.

Mix these simple running workouts with your regular loops to transform your fitness level "without the monotony and fatigue of longer, steady sessions," says Josh Maio, the head coach for Gotham City

Don't let chilly temps and inclement weather steal your running mojo. We found seven jackets you need when you run outside this winter.

The key to injury-free running could rest in your stretching routine.

Running longer and farther may not be as necessary as you think. Here's the ideal running distance, according to the latest research.

Running in cold weather boasts extra body benefits, according to new research. Here's how to take advantage of the chilly temps—without compromising your safety.

From smartphones to Snapchat, your life is wired for speed, so isn't it time your run got in on the action?

The IT band is a fibrous tissue that lies over the muscles from the hip to the outside of the knee, says Wendy Winn, PT, OCS, of New York Custom Physical Therapy in New York City.