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Celebrity Face-Off: Which Star Couple Would You Most Want as Workout Buddies?

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    Jessica and Justin

    Whether or not they're headed for Splitsville, J&J seem united in their dedication to running.

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    Renee and Bradley

    Being together means never having to exercise alone for these new lovebirds and fellow gym rats.

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  • Gene Young / Splash News

    Reese and Jake

    The great thing about this match: Team up with them and you won't have to worry about uniforms!

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  • Mark Edwards / Splash News

    Katie and Tom

    Wherever they're filming, these sweethearts like to take their sweat session outdoors.

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  • SDFL/Splash News

    Demi and Ashton

    One thing's for sure: Keeping up with the Kutchers would be a lot of fun.

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  • Freddie Baez/

    Naomi and Liev

    You can count on this pair for a great ride — though you'll want to leave on your helmet.

    Originally published on, October 2009.

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