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Jennifer Lopez's Butt Exercises

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Want to know what celebrity workout Jennifer Lopez uses? These butt exercises, designed by her personal trainer, will tone your lower body in no time.
Work Your Butt Like Jennifer Lopez

Perhaps Jennifer Lopez's most notable achievement is making a curvy body a good thing in Hollywood. The singer, actress, dancer, designer, and mother of twins has a butt that inspires other women all over to do lots of squats and lunges. We know you want to know how she gets her body (because we sure do). Here, the exercises from Jennifer Lopez's trainer to get her butt and toned body.

Gunnar Peterson, Jennifer Lopez's trainer, gave us this exercise to work your butt and obliques.

The exercise: Twisting lunge

A. Stand with feet parallel, arms at sides. Take a large step backward with left foot.

B. Turn so your upper body faces all the way to the left, and pivot both feet so your left foot faces forward and your right foot faces out (heel of left foot is perpendicular to right). Lower hands toward floor over left leg, being careful to keep left knee in line with left ankle. Pivot back to center and repeat on opposite leg. Do 12 to 15 reps; switch sides.

Peterson also gave us this exercise to sculpt your entire body like J.Lo. This one move works your arms, core, legs, and butt.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a 5- to 10-pound dumbbell in each hand, elbows bent 90 degrees, with palms facing forward. Keeping chest up, squat down. As you lift back up through glutes, twist body to the left, allowing feet to pivot so that right heel lifts off the floor. At the same time, press dumbbells overhead. Return to start. Switch sides and repeat. Do 16 reps, alternating sides. Do 3 sets.

Try Cardio

"Focus on cardio that uses your whole body to challenge more muscles and burn extra calories in less time," says Peterson. Try rowing. "It's easy on joints and works every muscle," he says.


Originally published on, January 2009.


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lvanslette2 wrote:

After four kids, including twins (all now grown), I would like to know how to get rid of a butt! Instead of getting smaller, it seems to grow with age. It's hereditary, but there has to be something to reduce instead of enhance, the butt region. :D

12/13/2012 01:53:53 PM Report Abuse
sandra_foster1 wrote:

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7/21/2012 07:10:20 AM Report Abuse
rout1 wrote:

The reason the directions for #1 are confusing is that the photo shows the L foot pointed off to the left, while the directions say it should point forward, with the R foot pointing off to the side. Reverse, and it'll work.

6/7/2012 12:06:32 PM Report Abuse
bizzylovah80 wrote:

How 'bout a video for these?

5/8/2012 09:25:21 AM Report Abuse
colcal wrote:

I would love to try those but the first one is very confusing. Need more step by step pictures to go with it.

5/2/2012 11:33:43 AM Report Abuse

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