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Fit into Your Skinny Jeans in 4 Weeks

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Burn 225 Calories in 20 Minutes

Stay on the stairs for this intense, fat-blasting cardio routine. You'll burn approximately 225 calories while sculpting your legs, butt, and abs.

Minutes 0:00-3:00

Basic Stepping

  • Walk up and down the staircase, pumping arms.
  • For the third minute, lunge up stairs two at a time; go down single stepping.

Minutes 3:00-7:00

Side Step

  • Stand with left side facing stairs.
  • Step up, leading with left foot and pumping arms; climb up on an angle.
  • Switch sides after 2 minutes.

Minutes 7:00-8:00

Basic Stepping

  • Repeat minutes 0:00-3:00.

Minutes 8:00-10:00

Explosive Toe Tap

  • Hop up to first stair with left foot, tapping ball of foot on step.
  • Switch legs, hopping up with right foot and down with left.
  • Continue, switching sides and moving as explosively as you can.

Minutes 10:00-12:00

Basic Stepping

  • Repeat minutes 0:00-3:00.

Minutes 12:00-14:00

Mountain Climber

  • Place both hands on second or third step, palms aligned under shoulders, leg extended behind you.
  • Hop left knee toward chest, then bring right knee forward and left leg back.
  • Keep head above heart at all times.

Minutes 14:00-16:00

Basic Stepping

  • Repeat minutes 0:00-3:00.

Minutes 16:00-18:00

Squat Jump

  • Stand in a half squat, knees bent about 45 degrees.
  • Jump up, landing on first stair.
  • Step down to floor; immediately squat down and jump up again.

Minutes 18:00-20:00

Basic Stepping

  • Repeat minutes 0:00-3:00.

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sophs.bunny wrote:

would you lose double the amount of calories if you did for forty mins

7/29/2012 04:59:47 AM Report Abuse
tmms.njhs wrote:

For these excercises you need stairs. What if you live in a one-floor house?

2/25/2012 09:00:50 PM Report Abuse
anonymous wrote:

You should really try Yoga. It is great for thighs and trouble spots for women. I have been to hundreds of Yoga classes throughout my life and always see the most beautifully shaped women in those classes, it doesn't matter if they are 18 or 58 years old, most of those gals are Knockouts.. Make sure to keep your back straight so that your legs do most of the work and get most of the benefit. Good Luck!!!

1/18/2011 02:29:48 AM Report Abuse

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