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Running Shoes & Sneakers

Good sneakers are required for runners to go the distance. Here's help for choosing the best running shoes for your feet.

Whether your running routine is a way to stay in shape or to test the limits of your personal best, these tester-approved running shoes will help you get more out of every single stride.

Nothing puts the brakes on your workout mojo like soggy feet. Luckily for you, there's a cool new crop of winter running shoes that will keep you warm and dry.

So you've decided to go low when lacing up for a run. But when it's time to replace those kicks, do the same rules apply as standard sneakers? We asked all the questions, so you don't have to.

When it comes to sneakers, one size, brand or style definitely doesn't fit all. Our editors—who've logged some serious miles in their sneaks—share their favorite running shoes.

The best sneaker for you? It's in the bag.

Add more spring to your step this season with a new set of shoes. Our 140 sweat-testers ran, walked, biked, and hiked their little hearts out­ — sampling 84 different styles!

I have been told that I have collapsed arches. I have prescription orthotics that I use in my running shoes.

Be ready for any kind of action with these superstar sneakers, which got a standing — and striding, cycling, shuffling, stomping — ovation from our 132 sweat testers.

Pound the pavement or trail in our picks of this season's newest walking shoes.

Find the best running shoes for mild stability, flat feet, high arches, and trail running.

Find the best shoes for every workout, including walking, hiking, cycling, tennis, and cross-training sneakers.

We sweat-tested our way through more than 70 sneakers. Find out which neutral, stability, lightweight, and trail running shoes were our top-rated picks.

We sweat-tested our way through more than 70 sneakers. Find out which walking, toning, and hiking shoes were our top-rated picks.

Battle to the finish line with our head-to-toe top picks for performance running gear.

Experience love at first stride with our biggest-ever shoe guide. We asked 115 readers to step, ride, and even splash their way through this spring's sportiest styles. Find your perfect pair here.

Here, our picks for the best running shoes, tested by runners and experts so you can find the perfect shoe.

We tested dozens of styles of sneakers to find the best walking, hiking, and running shoes for every workout. Find your perfect pair here.