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20-Minute Water Workout: Sculpt Your Body in the Pool

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To get sexy muscles, try a water workout. Sculpt your legs and core -- and get your heart rate up -- with this workout from Ivy Larson, a fitness instructor in Jupiter, Florida.

Do each move for two minutes in the pool's shallow end (about 4 feet deep):

1. Jog in place

Keep knees high.

2. Tick-tock hop

Quickly jump from side to side, keeping feet together.

3. Knee twist

Cross right elbow toward left knee at waist. Alternate sides.

4. Squat jump

Squat down with arms extended at shoulder height; jump as high as possible while raising arms overhead.

5. Jog in place

Keep knees high.

6. Bicycle

Lean with back against side of pool, arms outstretched at edge. "Pedal" legs at surface.

7. Flutter kick

Hold onto edge of pool, arms extended; kick legs quickly.

8. Pendulum swing

From bicycle, extend legs in front of you. Swing up and over to the right, then left, keeping them together and underwater.

9. Crunch

From bicycle, extend legs, keeping feet together. Pull both knees into chest. Return to starting position.

10. Outer-thigh lift

Stand with left side near wall, feet together, holding edge with left hand. Lift right leg out to side. Do 20 reps on each side.


Originally published in FITNESS magazine, August 2007.


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learn50z wrote:

couldn't get video to play

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aquaflexn wrote:

As a certified aquatic instructor, you'll need to use water weights and resistance tools (dumbbells, bands, noodles, etc.) to really tone and scuplt your muscles. This workout is focused on the lower half of the body so you'll need to add exercises like jumping jacks, cross-country, and others to work the upper body too. I love that you're featuring adding water to your magazine workouts!

8/3/2011 06:53:10 PM Report Abuse
kurtzcourtney wrote:

It was good--I teach A Lot of water workout classes and I Always appreciate any new ideas.

8/3/2011 04:31:03 PM Report Abuse

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