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Cardio Workouts

Here, one-stop shopping for all things cardio, including creative plans to mix it up on and off the treadmill, and challenging plans to burn more fat fast.

Burn calories and blast fat fast with the best cardio workouts on the treadmill, elliptical, or bike — or using no equipment at all!

If Le Tour is going to be a "boys only" club, then we'll watch badass female cyclists elsewhere.

Now you can turn up your workout to music, without the dance moves.

Wish you could train on mountains, but you're stuck in the city? A new study shows that elevation training masks might actually have some performance-boosting powers.

Supermarkets are trying to bust their way into the fitness sphere by offering classes where you grab your groceries. Convenient, or just plain crazy?

Whether you've been inspired by Muhammad Ali's passing, Ronda's domination, or celebs everywhere picking up a pair of boxing gloves, these female fighters will redefine your idea of girl power and ins

Expectation: Ronda. Reality: Betty Spaghetti. Kickboxing might be all about being ~*fierce*~ but you can bet that's not how you'll feel during your first class.

New study contradicts previous research claiming too much cardio is bad for your heart.

Marathon training gets you fit, of course, but a new study shows that running has a surprise benefit for your bones.

Any newcomer to dance cardio is familiar with the highs and lows of this total-body workout.

If you think ultimate frisbee is just a fancy name for tossing a disc around, think again. This up-and-coming sport could be the get-fit solution to your summer workout boredom.

Turn on the burn in your thighs and glutes with this 10-minute barre routine.

No equipment, no excuses! Burn fat and torch calories with this HIIT cardio routine.

Sometimes getting into the gym, or the ring, isn't the most convenient option. MatBox designed this workout just for you, to break a sweat at home.

To-die-for scenery, a challenging trek, and crossing off a bucket list goal: Check, check, check. Here are the hiking trails you should be walking on right now. Go grab your backpack!

Going fast and building muscle are both important facets of indoor cycling—but here's what to do if something has to give.

Hint: You shouldn't blame your muscles