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Butt Workouts

It's time to reshape your rear. We've compiled our best butt workouts and exercises to help you lift, shrink and tone your butt.

Sadie Lincoln of Barre3 shares her moves for a fast, quick 5-minute butt workout.

My butt is flat. How can I make my butt fuller or plumper?

Here's how to ensure the largest muscle in your body isn't also the laziest.

Make over your backside with these lifting, toning, and shrinking butt exercises.

Do these five serious shapers for your best butt ever.

Get a sexy backside and sleek, sculpted legs with this fun 15-minute routine.

Fight flab from your abs down to your calves with these proven lower-body toners.

Tone your butt, thighs, and calves in just 15 minutes — and show some leg this summer.

Firm, lift, and de-dimple your behind in 15 minutes.

Bring on the short shorts! This 15-minute rear-view rescue sculpts sexy curves from your butt right down to your calves.

Sculpt your lower body with butt and leg exercises you can do at home.

Use these lower-body toning moves during your regular walking workout to sculpt and lift your butt and thighs and burn more calories on your walk.

Lift and tone your butt in five minutes with these exercises. Brazilian women are famous for their gorgeous bodies, but you don't have to go to Rio to get a beautiful butt.

Do this fast workout to get a firm butt, flat abs, and toned thighs. Get started with three sets of this workout, twice a week.

The difference between buns of steel and buns of, well, pants are these 10 bum-blasting exercises. We tried 'em — now it's your turn. Get moving!

Craving variety? Try these butt workout moves from Tim Davis, co-owner of Peak Performance in New York City.

Our expert fitness editor shares her favorite advice for whipping your butt into the shape you've always wanted.

Butt Exercises