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Workout Routines

Exercises and workouts for women including cardio and strength training from head-to-toe.
5 hours ago
Say buh-bye to your old college T-shirt and shop our infinitely more stylish (and comfortable) alternatives. More
1 day ago
Stretching can make or break your workout. Here's the final word on static stretching and dynamic stretching, plus how to take advantage of both for a better, injury-free workout. More
2 days ago
If the thought of training for a 5K makes you want to curl up in a fetal position and breath deeply into a brown paper bag, you aren't alone. It can be hard to find the motivation to train for months just to cross a finish line with a bunch of strangers. Luckily, there are some fun 5K races happening all across the country! You can turn your training into a once-in-a-lifetime experience, either through themed runs, costumes, or delicious food prizes. Check out our list of the craziest races coming up this summer to see if one of these themes can motivate you to start training. More
2 days ago
We've got 18 pairs of yoga pants that will have you hitting the gym (or, okay, everywhere you go this Sunday) in serious comfort. Sorry, denim. More

Turn Up the Burn: Plyo Box Workout

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2 days ago
You know that exercise has a bajillion benefits, but like most things in life, it can be taken too far. Take our quiz to find out if you have a healthy relationship with fitness. More
3 days ago
If your strength workout is limited to resistance machines, it's time to get up and grab some weights. Using free weights is the surest way to strengthen your muscles, burn calories, and become better at pretty much everything you do. More
1 week ago
You get out what you put into your workout. Unfortunately, many women are putting in the wrong moves, bad form, and—let's face it—a little bit of Instagramming between sets. So before you perform another strength session, learn from these weight-lifting mistakes. You'll be pretty surprised by some of them. More
1 week ago
All this marathon talk have you feeling inspired to start running? Never one to underestimate the power of a good beat, fitness blogger Grace Kim of put together the best songs to help you pace yourself for your first multi-miler. This playlist will last 6 miles, at about a 10-minute mile pace, but feel free to replay to your heart's (or feet's) content. More
1 week ago
Swimming can make over your muscles, transform you into a cardio goddess, and turn back the aging clock. Need more reason to suit up? We've got 'em right here. Dive in. More
1 week ago
Skipping these muscles will do more than make you look lopsided. It will throw your body out of alignment, up your risk of injury, and limit your exercise performance, calorie burn, and results. More
2 weeks ago
To do cardio first, or weights? That is the question. But before you can answer it, you need to know your goals. More
2 weeks ago
Ever talked yourself through a killer ab set by imagining a six-pack at the finish? No shame—but there are more benefits that come with having a rock-solid core than meet the eye. Find out why you should stick around the gym for a 10-minute ab session—besides being bikini-season ready. More

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