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Workout Routines

Exercises and workouts for women including cardio and strength training from head-to-toe.
1 hour ago
Now you can turn up your workout to music, without the dance moves. More
2 hours ago
You're just ten minutes away from stronger, more toned arms More
6 hours ago
Love is just a few miles away More
7 hours ago
Transform your core with exercises that target more than your six-pack abs. More

Flatter Abs in Two Weeks

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23 hours ago
Ready to work your glutes and hammies double-time? Use these yoga moves to get your tush in top shape this summer. More
1 day ago
A new study of ultramarathoners shows that a high-fat diet might just be the key to crushing new PRs. More
2 days ago
Wish you could train on mountains, but you're stuck in the city? A new study shows that elevation training masks might actually have some performance-boosting powers. More
2 days ago
Functional training has never felt so good! Try this quick and efficient 20-minute barre class. More
3 days ago
Jamming out to this style of music may have major health benefits More
3 days ago
Hint: You'll start speaking Runner-ese and save money on pedicures. More
3 days ago
These pop songs double as relaxing yoga tunes that help you get your flow on More
4 days ago
Ladies, it's time to get a grip—literally. One new study says 20-something women have lost a lot of strength in their hands. More

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