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Workout Routines

Exercises and workouts for women including cardio and strength training from head-to-toe.
1 hour ago
Forget the bulky, uncomfortable chest straps (because let's be honest, you weren't really using them anyway). Today's heart rate monitors are small, sleek, and 100 percent capable of keeping you on top of your health. Here are eight reasons you need to keep tabs on your ticker's beats. More
4 days ago
As the onetime resident yoga instructor at Nike headquarters, alignment pro Tiffany Cruikshank perfected this series while working with all the stiff runners who came looking to loosen up. "Just a few key stretches will target the areas that tighten up the most after a run—hips, hamstrings, IT [iliotibial] bands and calves," Cruikshank says. Try these postrun—"while the tissues are still warm"—to keep the boing in your stride. More
5 days ago
There's a lot more to push-ups than getting on all fours and moving up and down. And knowing the proper technique is important: It'll reduce your risk of injury, improve core strength, and burn more calories. Make note of these common mistakes, then visit to see how doing push-ups can also help veterans nationwide. More
5 days ago
Whether your running routine is a way to stay in shape or to test the limits of your personal best, these tester-approved running shoes will help you get more out of every single stride. More

Turn Up the Burn: Plyo Box Workout

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1 week ago
Kick butt on your next run with these eye-of-the-tiger mental tips from Traci Statler, Ph.D., a professor of sport psychology at California State University, Fullerton, who helps give the USA Track & Field team its winning attitude. More
1 week ago
When it comes to finding the best biking and hiking shoes, you don't have time to waste on ones that don't perform properly. That's why we recruited real women to test the latest styles for you—so you can pick the perfect pair from the start. Read their reviews, then get ready to hit the trails. More
1 week ago
Prepping your mind, body, and soul for a marathon is a unique fitness experience. Whether you're a marathon pro or a running newbie, everyone can relate to the emotional journey taken from registration day to race day. More
1 week ago
Is your regular ride getting you nowhere? Women who added speed bursts as they biked burned 11 percent more fat and trimmed more flab from their legs than those who didn't change up their pace, a study at the University of New South Wales found. Rev your results with these tips, plus a fresh interval session from cycling instructor Christine D'Ercole—try it on the road or a stationary bike. More
1 week ago
Forget #TBT. Your favorite old school styles are making a comeback—with no signs of disappearing by Friday. From the November 1989 Reebok Pump to the '80s bomber jacket, here are some of our favorite new takes on throwback fitness styles. More
1 week ago
This strength circuit hits the sweet spot where your body gets the extra juice it needs to run faster without postworkout soreness slowing you down. "In many of these moves, you work one side of your body, then the other, to help even out muscle imbalances that hold a lot of runners back," says triathlon coach George Vafiades, a cofounder of As One Fitness in New York City. Do his 20-minute circuit twice (using 8- to 10-pound dumbbells) two or three times a week to really kick it on your loop. More
1 week ago
It's quick. It's cardio. It's complete toning, head to toe. The only thing this workout isn't: tough on joints. "High intensity doesn't have to mean high impact," says celeb trainer Brett Hoebel, who took this calorie-blasting routine from his new how-to book, The 20-Minute Body. Perform the exercises in pairs, aka supersets: Do the first two moves back to back, then rest a minute. Repeat the superset once more (breather included), then go on to the next pair. Get hold of a resistance band or tube—such as the Spri 5-Foot Flat Band or the Xertube ($5 to $7 and $15 to $19, respectively,—then start the clock. More
2 weeks ago
Mix these simple running workouts with your regular loops to transform your fitness level "without the monotony and fatigue of longer, steady sessions," says Josh Maio, the head coach for Gotham City Runners in New York City, who designed them exclusively for FITNESS. Get ready to start your engines. More

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