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Workout Routines

Exercises and workouts for women including cardio and strength training from head-to-toe.
6 hours ago
Waiting two to three minutes between sets will promote muscle growth, according to a new study More
1 day ago
How many carbs are too many carbs? Is my bib crooked? Where's the bathroom?! More
1 day ago
These tips will help you melt away tightness and take your performance to the next level. More
2 days ago
A new review, summarizing multiple studies, published in the Cochrane Library, suggests that yoga may have a beneficial effect on symptoms and quality of life in people with asthma. More

Flatter Abs in Two Weeks

free workout video image
3 days ago
Fire up your glutes and break a sweat in this short power workout from Mike D. More
4 days ago
If you follow Kaisa Keranen on Instagram, you know the Seattle-based trainer comes up with some pretty wild workouts. One of her favorite tools? The kettlebell. Join her for a 30-day challenge that will have you going bells to the wall for a stronger body. More
6 days ago
Dating is hard enough as it is. When you add in a die-hard dedication to fitness, navigating the romantic world can be almost as hard as walking up the stairs after leg day. More
1 week ago
Get your sweat on while watching your favorite characters toil in Westeros. Remember: Summer is coming. More
1 week ago
Are you a self-proclaimed klutz or feel like your balance could be better? Try these seven poses and do the ones that are the most challenging for you three times a week or more—you'll be balancing like a ballerina in no time. More
1 week ago
Lottie Murphy's Grokker barre workout will help you strengthen and lengthen every muscle. More
1 week ago
This invention could help you tone and sculpt your upper body—fast! More
1 week ago
When the workweek takes hold of your gym schedule, this express workout will torch your abs in record time. More

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