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Workout Routines

Exercises and workouts for women including cardio and strength training from head-to-toe.
13 hours ago
Why jump and pump through boot camp for a fierce physique when going low-impact in your living room will get you there? This workout, inspired by Pilates and yoga, strengthens and stretches muscles you didn't know you had. More
1 day ago
Blink and sweater weather turns to LBD season—so this is no time to slack off. Sculpt your body into OMG shape with this supercarving circuit workout that uses smaller, controlled moves to tone your arms, abs, and booty. More
3 days ago
Pass up homemade bread or dinner out with her husband? No way, says Daphne Oz, a new mom and a cohost of The Chew. Steal her strategies so you, too, can eat for a healthier, saner life—while still loving your body. More
Shoes trail running
2 weeks ago
Stride or ride off-road for a hotter body and a cooler mind. Here's your so-easy guide—just add sunshine.  More

Turn Up the Burn: Plyo Box Workout

free workout video image
2 weeks ago
How you sweat says a lot about who you are when you're sporting spandex. Find out which workout suits you best so you can #makefithappen all day, erryday. More
1 month ago
Sure yoga is a stress buster. But it also packs serious perks for runners, like improving flexibility, easing aches and pains, and helping you recover from long runs and races faster. Here, 10 poses you can do to stay strong and balanced while you train. They're from Chrissy Carter, instructor at YogaWorks and creator of the Beginning Yoga DVD, and Colleen Saidman Yee, owner of Yoga Shanti yoga studio in the Hamptons and New York City and creator of the Calorie Killer Yoga DVD. More
1 month ago
Get toned in no time with this ultimate one-and-done workout. More
1 month ago
Think beyond the beach towel and take a vacation that will transform your body and blow your mind. C'mon — your perfect escape awaits! More
1 month ago
Let these songs by fierce females inspire you to be your own BFF. More
1 month ago
Change terrain on your run to firm all over. More
1 month ago
1 month ago
After a bold decision to change her life, The Biggest Loser's Alison Sweeney is happier — and healthier — than ever. Steal her strategies to stay slim, get energized and reach your goals. More

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