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Workout Routines

Exercises and workouts for women including cardio and strength training from head-to-toe.
1 hour ago
Torch major calories and burn fat with this Barry's Bootcamp-inspired workout routine. More
8 hours ago
The beauty of this workout is that you can do it just about anywhere—even on vacation! Get working now, and you'll feel better than ever walking on the boardwalk in those shorts. More
9 hours ago
Rock your workout, no strings attached More
1 day ago
Lighter lifters got as strong as heavy lifters in a recent study—but before you drop your dumbbells, read this. More

Flatter Abs in Two Weeks

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1 day ago
The finish was bittersweet for triathletes at the Ironman Chattanooga 70.3 on Sunday as they mourned the death of a fellow competitor. More
4 days ago
If you think ultimate frisbee is just a fancy name for tossing a disc around, think again. This up-and-coming sport could be the get-fit solution to your summer workout boredom. More
4 days ago
These five exercises work every muscle below your waist. After this workout, you'll be bragging about your legs of steel. More
4 days ago
Workout. Rave. Same thing. More
4 days ago
Experts reveal how many long runs you can skip without ruining your race. More
4 days ago
TIred of the same old stale yoga routine? Spice things up with one or more of these lesser-known asanas. We'll tell you what body parts to warm up and engage first; you provide the sense of humor and adventure! More
6 days ago
Fitbit's acquisition of Coin technology means you could soon be using your fitness tracker to count steps and pay for things while you're on the go More
1 week ago
Stop wasting time digging for your hair tie at the bottom of your bag, and never work out sockless again. These genius ideas will save you time and frustration. More

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