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Workout Routines

Exercises and workouts for women including cardio and strength training from head-to-toe.
15 hours ago
Weights belong in one of two places: in your hands or on a weight rack—not on the floor (unless you're in between sets, of course). Use one of these weight racks to keep your dumbbells in order. More
1 day ago
Have half an hour and a mat? Then you can master this Pilates workout for beginners. Follow along with Pilates instructor Elaine Hayes in your living room, and get ready to carve a seriously sculpted stomach. More
1 day ago
Can't quite do a push-up yet? No prob. We have the push-up variations and modifications to help you work up to the real thing. And once regular push-ups feel like a breeze, we can help you up the ante. Grab a mat and let's go. More
3 days ago
Your relationship with the foam roller is a love-hate one. Here are five reasons why foam rolling hurts so good. More

Turn Up the Burn: Plyo Box Workout

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6 days ago
Every serious CrossFit fan had to start somewhere, right? Prepare to have these moments as you first begin your CrossFit obsession—uh, journey. More
1 week ago
Whether you can drop and give us nine or nada, we have the plan to take your reps (and form!) to the next level. Holly Rilinger, Nike Master Trainer, Flywheel Master Instructor, and creator of the BeachFiIT exercise program put together the ultimate 30-day push-up challenge that slowly increases reps and provides complementary moves to build your triceps and core strength. Just give us one month, and we'll give you the tools you need to master the mat and reveal your most sculpted upper body yet. More
1 week ago
Hit the trails this season with a pair of protective hiking shoes. We've rounded up stylish options designed to provide traction on even the rockiest terrain.  More
1 week ago
Do these yin yoga poses (yin is a type of yoga that requires holding poses for a longer amount of time) to ease stress and tension in your lower back. The whole workout only takes 20 minutes! More
1 week ago
To keep you from being anything less than 100% prepared for your first half-marathon, we consulted running pros Sandra Gallagher-Mohler, run and triathlon coach and personal trainer at the Under Armour Performance Center, and Kyle Pfaffenbach, a performance nutrition consultant for the Brooks Beasts Track Club, to help you put your best foot forward from mile 1 to 13.1. More
1 week ago
Get the most out of your at-home workout by adding an exercise step to your routine. Here, find the best one for your home gym. More
2 weeks ago
Thought barre was just this month's trendy workout that your GFs talked about over brunch? Nope. Barre is one of the most popular workouts around: Pure Barre experienced a 46 percent increase in barre class attendance in 2014, says Shalisa Pouw, a senior trainer at the nationwide studio. With so many good-for-you benefits of the barre method, here's why it may be time for you to try the workout yourself. More
2 weeks ago
Don’t sweat the small stuff—especially your workout gear. From the best basics to borrowed-from-the-boys styles here are 20 cool sweatshirts for women that you need to see.  More

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