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Workout Routines

Exercises and workouts for women including cardio and strength training from head-to-toe.
2 days ago
Build more muscle to burn more calories. This weightlifting gear will help you blast fat in no time. More
1 week ago
From virtual reality workouts to foam-rolling-specific workouts, these trends are coming your way in the year ahead. More
2 weeks ago
When you hit the gym, you want workout clothes that are cute AND functional—we get it! Here are the brands that check every box, no matter how you like to break a sweat. More
3 weeks ago
If your mantra is “lift heavy or go home,” then you need the right weights and weightlifting equipment to make your goal a reality. These weights are as heavy duty and long-lasting as you are. More
3 weeks ago
You ate, you drank, you were merry—no shame in that. But today? Not feeling so hot. Get back on track with these workouts and feel good-as-new in no time. More
4 weeks ago
Reap the benefits from working multiple muscles at once. More
1 month ago
When temperatures drop, it's easy for motivation to go AWOL. But the benefits of getting your sweat on are always worth it—no matter what time of year it is. More
1 month ago
Reason number 1: Pants are optional! More
1 month ago
These songs will get you in the spirit of the season, without dragging down your workout More
1 month ago
These dynamic fitness moves will sculpt your midsection and burn calories. More
1 month ago
Kick off the holiday season with this highly efficient, super effective workout More
1 month ago
From the marathon runner to the golf pro, there's a gadget to help any tech lover take her workout to the next level. More

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