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45 Easy Ways to Lose One Pound a Week

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Customize your perfect weight-loss plan with our mix-and-match diet and exercise tips.

Diet Strategies

Here are a few quick facts about losing a pound: It will make your jeans feel a smidge looser, it's the equivalent of four sticks of butter (picture that for a second!), and it requires that you burn and/or cut a total of 3,500 calories. Sound like a lot? It adds up faster than you think.

To lose one pound in seven days you need to reduce your net calories by 500 every day. The easiest way to do that is a 250 split: Cut half from your diet and burn the other half through exercise. To come up with easy ways to do this, we enlisted trainer Heather Rider, founder and director of Rider Fitness Consulting in Los Angeles, and nutritionist Lauren Slayton, RD, of Foodtrainers in New York City. Choose one strategy from the diet and exercise columns each day (feel free to mix and match) and after seven days you will have cut out 3,500 calories. Losing four sticks of butter has never been such a cinch!

Diet Strategies

___ Replace your morning bagel and cream cheese with an English muffin and cottage cheese.

___ Skip the large bakery muffin in favor of 1 slice of whole wheat toast topped with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.

___ Swap your large bran muffin for 3/4 cup of bran flakes.

___ Replace eggs and cheese with scrambled egg whites.

___ Replace your 450-calorie lunch with a 200-calorie protein shake.

___ Replace large french fries with a yogurt-and-fruit parfait.

___ Modify your lunch: Skip the cheese on your salad or sandwich, substitute mustard for mayo, and replace potato chips with soy chips.

___ Have half a tuna salad sandwich instead of a whole, plus two cups of raw vegetables.

___ Skip the cheese in an omelet and a lunchtime sandwich.

___ Switch from cream soup to vegetable-based soup at lunch and dinner.

___ Switch from one cup premium to light ice cream.

___ Skip your afternoon frozen yogurt with ground nuts.

___ Resist the handful of M&M's at the receptionist's desk.

___ Cut out 1 biscotti and 1 large mocha.

___ Switch from a chai tea latte to lemon tea.

___ Have 1 ounce of soy nuts instead of 3 ounces of roasted almonds.

___ Substitute a serving of beef with shrimp or a white flaky fish like cod at two meals.

___ Leave behind one-fourth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

___ Have 1 cup of strawberries instead of a whole banana, and cauliflower instead of a baked potato with sour cream.

___ Replace ranch or blue cheese dressing with low-fat vinaigrette at lunch and dinner.

___ Have a vodka and soda instead of a margarita at happy hour.

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pstalvey2 wrote:

snacking on nuts can be VERY fattening. I think that should mention that you can snack on like 5 nuts.

8/12/2012 04:17:37 PM Report Abuse
a3984502 wrote:

Right now I am following the Diet Plan for You blog by nutrition specialist Kate Hill. Kate helped me lose weight in a healthy way in few weeks, without starving! If you want to lose weight, just visit Kate's blog at:

1/31/2012 02:52:28 AM Report Abuse
triggsorama wrote:

I don't live in the US either, but I imagine leave behind 1/4 of breakfast, lunch, and dinner will work anywhere!

8/5/2011 12:35:12 PM Report Abuse
srveygrl123 wrote:

A personal trainer at my gym who is a nutritionist commented that to lose that belly fat that is left eat NO carbs for dinner and after Mon - Fri. eat whatever you want on the weekends. That should help.

2/7/2011 01:39:47 PM Report Abuse
srveygrl123 wrote:

If you skipped an entire days worth of meals your metabolism actually slows down and it does the opposite for your body. Instead of losing fat like you think you would, your body stores it because it can't tell when it will get food again. Eat half to 3/4 of your meals and make sure you have a healthy snack inbetween each meal. You should be eating 5 times a day. Crazy but true :-)

2/7/2011 01:35:24 PM Report Abuse

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