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Healthy Eating to Lose Weight

Hungry? Step away from the snack machine. Control your cravings and keep track of your calories here.

How often do you get home too tired to cook, struggle with what to eat, and end up ordering takeout?

Nutrition research is always evolving, and interpreting studies with a critical mind is what registered dietitians are trained to do.

Registered dietitian Keri Gans explains why a low-carb diet isn't the magic solution for weight loss or health in general.

While the character on the box may not suck you in, many kid-friendly snacks offer nutrient dense, on-the-go options for adults.

Public health officials suggest that including exercise amount on food packaging would make you think twice before you buy. But is it really a healthy idea?

Think produce is too expensive? Here's how to get in your greens for less.

Piling your food into one bowl or plate saves on dishwashing time sure, but it might be at the cost of your waistline.

But how does it compare to your usual go-tos?

Americans are taking more of an interest in fitness and nutrition. So why are we heavier than ever?

Could what scientists call "the crunch effect" help you cut calories or even lose weight?

Constantly hitting the kitchen after dark? Here's how to stop night cravings and go to sleep satisfied.

It's National Nutrition Month, a time to celebrate nutritious food—so get a healthy start to your day with a balanced breakfast.

While our food choices are often motivated by flavor and sensory appeal, we rarely engage our senses during meals. Mindful eating offers the opportunity to truly appreciate your meal.

"Diet" is a four-letter word. Christy Brissette explains how to get it out of your vocabulary and still win at weight loss with the 80 Twenty rule.

Jennifer Lawrence doesn't diet and has an amazing body. Could avoiding meat after 4 p.m. be her weight-loss secret? Registered dietitian Christy Brissette gives her take.

Drinking just one extra cup of water each day could add up to major calorie savings.

In the interest of keeping up with changing diet trends and maintaining a competitive edge, many fast-food chains are adding "healthy" options to their menus.