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Healthy Eating to Lose Weight

Hungry? Step away from the snack machine. Control your cravings and keep track of your calories here.

How often do you get home too tired to cook, struggle with what to eat, and end up ordering takeout?

Being on a diet doesn't have to mean being hangry. The key? Tasty eats (like popcorn!) that are shown to stave off hunger.

You've just gotten used to the idea of drinking your salad and already another new juice trend has popped up. But is the latest "it" ingredient worth the hype? We have the juicy truth.

Why suffer through drinking only greens when you can grab a spoon and enjoy a real liquid meal? We sip the trend.

"You've gained weight." Those were my doctor's first words at my checkup last year. Ouch. I knew that I had been stress eating, and the result was an extra eight pounds on my 5-foot-1-inch frame.

The stuffing, gingerbread cookies and peppermint bark are gone, but new research shows you're probably putting away even more calories than you were over the holidays.

Up to your ears in leftovers? Throwing out all that perfectly good food seems like a waste, but eating turkey and apple pie for a month doesn't sound like a great plan, either.

New research finds you can lose weight by making this small change—and it has nothing to do with consuming fewer calories.

There's a new way to boost your metabolism—and it starts at your next meal.

Who has the willpower to resist the deluge of pumpkin-flavored-everything right now? (Not us!) We refuse to choose between festive fall treats and our skinny jeans.

Pass up homemade bread or dinner out with her husband? No way, says Daphne Oz, a new mom and a cohost of The Chew.

Drop that spoon! Everyone deserves the occasional indulgence, but before you dig in there are a handful of foods you should steer clear of to avoid damaging effects on your body, skin, and waistline.

Every night, after the commotion of the day, whether I'm sitting down to surf the web or doing homework, I ALWAYS WANT FOOD. Not just a little food, a LOTTA food.

If you don't eat red meat or snack after 8 p.m., girl, it's time to loosen up. The secret to losing weight is finding your happy medium (or medium rare).

I'm too busy. I'm stressed. I have PMS. Sound familiar? Here's how to stop whining and start losing.

Afraid you'll fall off the wagon when tempted by Halloween candy? Our nutrition expert shares her stay-strong tricks, plus lower-calorie picks you can treat yourself to.

It's not just because we're hungry. Here, four writers dish on what happens when their feelings meet food.