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Diets & Weight Loss

Strategies and plans to slim down, success stories from women of all body types, and expert advice to keep the weight off.
5 hours ago
Reducing calories is a key part of almost any weight-loss plan. But while cutting back a little may be good, that doesn't mean cutting back even more is better. Here are some warning signs you're not eating enough calories. More
1 day ago
A new medical device promises quick, effective weight loss, but psychologists are concerned. More
3 days ago
When you're traveling this summer and only have the gas station or drugstore to tame your hunger, these foods will get you through. More
1 week ago
Feeling like you have purpose in life can make your sweat sessions more effective, says a new study. More

PB&J Weight-Loss Smoothie

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1 week ago
Plan ahead to stay on track without depriving yourself at the dessert table More
2 weeks ago
Rejoice! Healthy ice cream options (with extra protein and low sugar) DO exist. More
2 weeks ago
Nearly half of U.S. women are obese, and we're gaining weight faster than men are, according to new CDC data. More
2 weeks ago
One new study says there's zero research behind the effectiveness of weight-loss apps More
3 weeks ago
Listen up, dairy haters. More
3 weeks ago
Try these tasty foods to get your fill. More
1 month ago
Expect to see some changes rolling out this summer. More
1 month ago
Potatoes have their rightful place in your kitchen, but science is making it tough to decipher whether spuds of all kinds are doing more harm than good. More

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