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Diets & Weight Loss

Strategies and plans to slim down, success stories from women of all body types, and expert advice to keep the weight off.
1 week ago
If you had to choose between the two, scientists reveal there's one that trumps the other. More
2 weeks ago
Teas that can help you conquer stress and slim down. Winner, winner.  More
3 weeks ago
Camping trips are one of the best parts of summer, but it's not always easy to pack nutritious foods. Here are my top picks for portable healthy meals and snacks. More
3 weeks ago
Did you know that you need 75mg of vitamin C daily to keep that immune system strong? These fruits and veggies can help you reach that goal without having to overload on oranges. So eat up and reap the I'm-so-healthy benefits. More

PB&J Weight-Loss Smoothie

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3 weeks ago
One study shows that adding images of green, yellow, and red traffic lights next to food items on menus might encourage you to eat fewer calories. But what would this system really explain about healthy eating? More
3 weeks ago
A new device promises weight loss, better health, and nutrition—all by counting this one simple number. More
4 weeks ago
Reducing calories is a key part of almost any weight-loss plan. But while cutting back a little may be good, that doesn't mean cutting back even more is better. Here are some warning signs you're not eating enough calories. More
1 month ago
A new medical device promises quick, effective weight loss, but psychologists are concerned. More
1 month ago
When you're traveling this summer and only have the gas station or drugstore to tame your hunger, these foods will get you through. More
1 month ago
Feeling like you have purpose in life can make your sweat sessions more effective, says a new study. More
1 month ago
Plan ahead to stay on track without depriving yourself at the dessert table More
1 month ago
Rejoice! Healthy ice cream options (with extra protein and low sugar) DO exist. More

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