Fails Most Embarrassing Moments

Gym Fails Most Embarrassing Moments

We've all been there: When you're feeling like a rockstar at the gym and then suddenly you do something totally embarassing—in front of everyone.

I don't go to a regular gym, I go to a CrossFit gym. And I am constantly dropping the bar, putting the bar in the wrong place. I ripped off the skin here, made my hand black and blue the other day, pinching it between some plates on the barbell. So, yeah, daily, daily embarrassment.   I was putting away a couple of dumbbells and the dumbbell rack was right below a dip machine, and as I was coming up, I banged my head on the handle of the dip machine, and I'm pretty sure the entire gym saw. So.   Most embarrassing gym moment would probably be when I go to a machine that I'm not familiar with and it takes me a while to figure out how to adjust the seat.   My most embarrassing gym moment was one time when I didn't wait long enough after getting a spray tan to work out, and I wore a white T-shirt. So at the gym, I started sweating and I looked down and it was all over my T-shirt. Extremely embarrassing.