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"I Lost 296 Pounds"

Watch Christie Morgan tell her inspiring story of how she shed 296 pounds.

[MUSIC] I always knew I had a problem. I tried almost everything out there. [MUSIC] Nothing really ever worked. [MUSIC] I grew up with a strong Italian influence as far as food was concerned. I couldn't participate in much of anything ere, I was pretty much sitting on the sidelines and just watching life go by. The issue with seeing the family and going to the family reunion. I knew how I looked. I had a mirror. When I saw the photos, I was just horrified. That kinda made me say, okay, Christie, this is you, you've got to do something about it. Obviously at 400 pounds I couldn't do much. [MUSIC]. I would take things in from my car, one at a time. Because every time I walked back and forth to the car were a few more steps. Even if it was one can at a time. At that point it was the most important thing I could do for me, for my family. The, the just most important thing. [MUSIC]. There's no elevator to success, you really do have to take the stairs. But if you take the stairs and you start climbing and climbing. [MUSIC]. You'll be really surprised where you end up. [MUSIC]
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