Up the Burn: Plyo Box Workout

Turn Up the Burn: Plyo Box Workout

Do this total-body box circuit four times through for a burn that incinerates fat faster than you can say, "hello, summer!"

[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Adam Kant, the owner of Intrepid Gym in Hoboken, New Jersey. And I created this pile box workout exclusively for Fitness magazine. [MUSIC] For this move, we're looking for you to step up onto the box. Sit back into a pistol squat until your heel touches the ground. Come back up and step back down. We're going to repeat all these reps on the same leg and then switch. Make sure you control yourself, lowering yourself down till the heel touches as this is the tricky part of the move. For this move, we're gonna start in push-up position. We're gonna do a push-up. Go down as far as you can. Good. Great. Move your feet and your hands to the middle of the box and do another pushup. Good. Then again, move your feet and your hands back over, and another pushup as far down as you can. Good. Move back to the original part of the box, down, back up, and continue this process for the given amount of reps. [MUSIC] This move starts with you seated on the box with your hands right outside your hips. From there, slide your hips out of the box, lower yourself down using your triceps. As you go down, bring your knee up. You're gonna alternate knees as you go through each rep. Great. Keep your elbows in as you go down. [MUSIC] And keep that knee up. Good. For this balance move, go ahead find your balance in this reclined position. Come up into a tight V, as tight as you can. Keep moving in and out in a controlled fashion, maintaining balance throughout the move. Great, good. Come in, stay tight, breathe throughout the move. Perfect. [MUSIC] For this move we're doing the side plank. You start with your feet on the box and your elbow on the ground. From here, raise your hips off the ground and keep your core tight, great don't let your hips sag or raise. [MUSIC] You're gonna hold this for 30 seconds on one side and then repeat. If you're looking for an extra challenge, raise the top leg off the box, go ahead, great, and hold that. [MUSIC] This move's a lung burner. You're gonna start in the standing position, lower yourself down to the ground, hop back to the plank position and hop back. Explode up onto the box. Great. From here we're moving fast. You're gonna jump off the box, kick your hands back out. Good. Good. Keep moving. As fast as you can repeat these reps. Perfect.