Triceps Lift

The Triceps Lift exercise works your shoulders, triceps and quads.

[MUSIC] Hi. Okay, we're gonna take our trusty towel again and work our triceps. I want you to turn to the side, grab the towel with a lot of resistance in the towel. Come all the way down in a deep squat. Bring the towel down and touch the back of your he, heels. Your palms are facing down, your elbows are slightly bent. Pull up, pulling the towel apart, engaging the triceps. Good. Get them up as high as you can. And then bring them down. Good. You're gonna come all the way up. Exhale as you come up. Don't move from that squat position cuz you know we're working the whole body even though we're focusing that one part. And squeeze in, good, that's two, three more together, one, two, three. Hold it there, keep the tension on the towel, and after you've done about 20 reps, I want you to pause it out ten times like this. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three two one. Awesome job. I want you to bring the towel in front of you like this, drop the head down, roll it up, and your triceps are gonna be burning and you're gonna look super hot in your bikini.