7-Minute Blowout: How to Blowdry Your Hair Like a Pro

The 7-Minute Blowout: How to Blowdry Your Hair Like a Pro

One of the speediest stylists in New York City, Christopher Marrero gives Associate Beauty Editor Molly Ritterbeck pro tips on how to get gorgeous hair in just seven minutes.

-Hey guys I'm Molly the associate beauty editor of fitness magazine. This day I'm here with Christopher Marrero, he's one of the speediest stylists in New York City. We're on DreamDry of Blow Dry Bar. He's gonna give us pro tips on how to get a gorgeous blow up in just 7 minutes. -The very first step to a great blow dry holds a great blow dryer. What you want to look for is a dryer with the name of professional in it. You also don't want it to be more than 1800 watts. What that's going to do is its going to get the air out of the dryer faster without damaging your hair. The next step is to rough dry your hair you want it to get it about 80 percent dry. If you want a little bit extra lift to the root, you're going to focus the air to the left of your head while lifting up the root. Then you're going to switch to the other side, focusing the air to the other side of your head. The next step is to section your hair into 4 sections. One on each side, one on the top and one in the back. Starting with the top section, you will place the brush behind your hair. You wanna take your other hand and place it on top of the brush and pull up, to keep all the hair inside your brush. The next step is to roll the brush down and hit it with blow dryer. You're going to roll up, and down, continuing until the hair is completely dry. The next thing you're gonna do is wrap your hair around your fingers down to the base to create a pin curl. What that's gonna do is keep your hair out of the wave of your next sections and also give some texture and movement to your blow up. On the side sections you wanna place your brush on top of the section. You wanna roll the brush up, and dry, blowing away from your face. What that's gonna do is it will create a nice flowering shape in front of your hair. And this last section, all you need to do is take a flat paddle brush and get the section dry. What's gonna happen the sections on top that you already perfected are just gonna fall over those sections and hide any imperfections in the back. To finish, simply lights on your sections and then add your favorite smoothing balm. Just about a dime size and work through the mid shaft to the ends of your hair to remove excess frizz. But if you really need more body movement, use a large barrel curling iron. This is a great technique for people who can master the round brush technique. -For more details on how to get this one, grab the March issue of the Fitness Magazine on sales now.