The Waltzing exercise works your shoulders and biceps.

For this next arm sequence, we're gonna start with our feet slightly turned out in a first position, reaching the arms all the way up to a nice high-V, relaxing the shoulders down the back. We're gonna internally rotate that left hand and bring it down to the shoulder and reaching, extend it out long. And we flow, in, press it out. In, press it out. Two more, in and out, abs are strong, switch hands. Now take it in, and reach. The goal here is to find resistance as you move. So you're using the muscles and not momentum. And hold, from here, you can add an extra challenge and come up to a relevé and internally rotate both palms in, and press, and reach. Again creating that resistance and that strength and grace as you move, two more, in and we press. Last one here, press and hold. Feel that extra lift, release the heels and release the arms.