Tells: Is P90X3 Suitable for Beginners?

Trainer Tells: Is P90X3 Suitable for Beginners?

Celeb trainer and P90X3 creator Tony Horton explains how his new program can work for both beginners and advanced athletes.

Okay. Shanna McGlaugh has got awesome questions. She wants to know P90X3, is that gonna be harder than the P90X2? Can beginners start this program or somebody who's gotta be in decent shape to do this program. Let me tell you what we did. We did not make P90X3 graduate program. We want everybody to feel good. We want everybody to be in shape. And so, there's a ton of modifications here and this workouts are only 30 minutes long and you can be a 100 pounds overweight and start P90X3. You can be a professional athlete with P90X3. The idea here is to pace yourself. Make sure that you're staying online, working out 6 days a week for 90 days and, even if you're not in great shape and you are a beginner, P90X3 is for you. -Now, if you have a question for a celebrity trainer, follow Fitness on Twitter and use the #trainertells.