Makeovers: Evelyn's Short Haircut

Hair Makeovers: Evelyn's Short Haircut

Evelyn was ready for a change, so FITNESS Magazine gave her a short haircut makeover! Check out her before and after story now!

Hi. I'm Evelyn. I'm at Fitness Magazine shoot today for getting a major haircut. I'm thrilled and excited and mortified all the same time because I haven't touched my hair since I was in the fifth grade. But it's really time for me to have a change of-- the role of [unk] to launch for a lot of changes to come. I'm 23 years, I'm catering cities. So, I think that would definitely be perfect-- beginning to do a new chapter in my life. Hi. So, this is a whole new me. I just got my haircut. Literally, it's been like a weight off of my shoulders. I feel like a princess. I feel like a whole new me with a whole new chapter that starts right now. So, I'm excited. I can't wait for everyone to see it. And I can't wait to see like how [unk], how I can wear it to the gym, I can wear it at the office, I can wear it up. So, new chapter, new haircut. I'm thrilled.