Latest Gym-Bag Beauty Must-Haves

The Latest Gym-Bag Beauty Must-Haves

The FITNESS beauty editors review two of their favorite products from a recent issue: The Ojon Rare Blend Tamer hair wand and the Nip + Fab Post Workout Fix roller ball gel.

-Hey guys! It's Heather and Molly from the FITNESS beauty team. -Okay, we're talking about two products we left from the October issue. -My latest obsession is Ojon's Rare Blend Tamer and it looks like a mascara but it's actually for your hair. It has a similar wand so that you can target any frizzy spots around your hairline or if your ends are a little dry, you can brush down that makes them shiny. This formula actually contains coconut and nut oils to moisturize your strands. I'm gonna demonstrate this on Molly. It's a little humid here in New York City today. So you're just gonna target any place where you see some flyaways, any frizz, you kind of brush it in and the great part about this is it doesn't create any buildup or weigh your hair down. It smells really yummy. It's $24 at and could also pop it in your bag wherever you go, nice and portable. -What I'm loving is this Nip + Fab Post Workout Fix and it's got a great roller ball applicator. I just did a 5k race this weekend, I kept it in my bag and after the race, you can just massage it into your muscles after any workout and it's got a menthol formula so it's very cooling and refreshing, makes your muscles feel great. It's $10, available at GMC stores. -For more products that we're obsessed with, check out our October issue on stands now.