Miller's 3 Favorite Spices

Robin Miller's 3 Favorite Spices

Nutritionist and Food Network host Robin Miller shares her must-have spices and what they can do for your cooking.

Hi fitness readers, I'm Alina and I got to sit down with Food Network's Robin Miller to get all the ways that she likes us to have slice up her quick and healthy meals, check it out. -When you're making recipes, we have just to buy the ingredients or less. It's really important that the flavor soar. That's why I love working with herbs and spices and if I had to pick my top three, it's kind of that hard because I love the flavors of the South West and I love the bold Middle Eastern flavors. So I would have to say, I mean I love chili powder, it's got kind of a richness to it, a smokiness to it. I love McCormick chili powder, it's ground, it's kind of a robust flavor that hit you from every side of your palate. I love ground cumin, I can put it in Mexican dishes, I can put it in Moroccan dishes. I get it as another layer of smokiness and it works especially well with the chili powder. My pantry is never without either one of these two, oh at least two of them and then I love seasoning blends. especially the salt-free seasoning blends whether they're a Southwest seasons or they're a Caribbean flavor or a barbecue, I just love because they are one stop shop, I mean you're only doing five ingredients or less, you need to make sure that you have lot of flavor in one ingredient and they really do help to my pantries, never without these either.