to Create NFL-Inspired Nail Art

How to Create NFL-Inspired Nail Art

FITNESS Beauty Director Heather Muir explains how to paint your nails in a cute, trendy way that shows pride for your favorite football team.

Here's how to score a touchdown with your tips. CoverGirl teamed up with the NFL to create nail polish kits in your favorite team's colors. Today, we're rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. File your nails. Paint on two coats of an opaque white polish. Draw a black stripe on both sides of each nail except on your accent nail. If you mess up, just use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to erase any mistakes. Apply a thin-coat stripe down the center. Using a wood stick or a toothpick, carefully draw the three-diamond emblem. Seal the manicure in with a top coat. With sporty tips like these, you'll be the talk at next week's tailgate.