Sexy Arms: The Resistance Band Workout

Sculpt Sexy Arms: The Resistance Band Workout

Get sexy arms and shoulders with this resistance band workout. Add 30-second bursts of cardio after every other move to maximize your calorie burn.

-Hi, my name is Brynn Jinnett and I'm the creator of Refine Method, a boutique circuit-training studio here in New York City. I created this workout exclusively for the readers of Fitness Magazine. I hope you enjoy it. This exercise works your biceps muscle as well as your lower body and your core making it a great full body exercise. As you step your foot across, you wanna aim the toes back on the diagonal taking a really wide stance and then curl the arm straight up. This exercise works the muscles in your shoulders as well as the muscles in your core. As you perform the exercise, make sure you're maintaining a slight bend in your knees and that your shoulders are back and down. At the end of the movement, you should feel the band pulling you strongly back towards the origin point and your core has to really brace to prevent you from twisting towards the door. As you work, make sure your tailbone stays relaxed and down. Your spine should be in a neutral position, so you really feel that challenge in your abdominals. This exercise works your triceps, the muscle down the back of your arm that extends your elbows. You're pitched slightly forward with your torso that your band makes a diagonal from your hands down to the door. As you work here, you wanna make sure that your shoulders stay plugged down your back and that your elbows stay still. You should also feel a lot of added benefit for your core if you're working those arms with enough resistance overhead. This exercise works the muscles in your chest as well as your triceps muscles on the back of your arm. As you work here, you should have a slight hinge forward so your torso makes a 45-degree angle and your front leg remains slightly bent. Make sure that, at the end of the motion, you feel a lot of tension in your strap. You should feel as though you're being pulled back towards the door. When you release backwards with the arms, they stop inline with your shoulders. And then as you extend forward, the elbow is pushed fully straight. This exercise works the muscles in your back as well as the muscles in your core, specifically your obliques. In this position, be sure your shoulders and your hips are stacked. Imagine you're sitting between two panes of glass. Then, feel your back lift up away from the floor so you feel a lot of activation in the back. As you press down, you wanna maintain the height of your hips, pushing using those muscles right underneath your shoulder blades. This exercise works the muscles in your back as well as your biceps muscles. You're also getting great bonus work for your lower body at the same time. Be sure that before you start the movement, you retract your shoulder blades, drawing them together towards your spine and then pull your elbows behind your back. At the bottom of position, you wanna see your hips right inline with your front knee creating a right angle with your legs. You should feel the arms and legs move together in this exercise.