Second-Position Pulse

The Second-Position Pulse works your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and legs.

-Take hold of the chair, take 1 hand on your hip because that will help keep your chest upright. Now, open your legs wide until wide second position, bend your knees deeply, till you find the 90-degree angle or close to it on the either leg. Now, sink as low as you can, and from here start to press the thighs open. So, you wanna work on getting the knees back by using your glute muscles to squeeze. Now, your feet are flat, go ahead and do 10 of those, flex your feet, so your heels take down, do 10 more, and then from there, lift your heels all the way up and finish with more. Now, at the end, you can hold it and get a little bit lower the entire time you wanna think about your cheek squeezing to allow the knees to stay held back and then you're finished.