to Get a Bouncy Blow Dry

How to Get a Bouncy Blow Dry

A video how-to with expert tips for getting the perfect blow dry at home.

Here's how to do a beautiful, bouncy blow dry. Start by sectioning the hair into two sections from ear to ear. Clip the top section high on your head to get it out of the way. Mist the lower part with a volumizing spray. Now, you're ready to start blow drying. Point the blow dryer's nozzle up underneath each section at the root to add body. Then, as you work your way down the strand with a round brush, point the nozzle down to smooth the cuticle. Repeat section by section until you finish the lower half of your head. Next, remove the top half and mist with volumizing spray at the roots to create lift. Use the same blow drying technique you used on the lower half. To finish your blow dry, use your round brush to lift the strands around your hairline up and back to smooth any flyaways.