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Behind Definer

Tone and sculpt your legs, butt and thighs with this fun, 15-minute exercise routine.

This first exercise is called the Behind Grinder because it's definitely gonna help you tone and sculpt your behind. We're gonna start with a reverse lunge. You're gonna step your right leg back, lower down, and the arms go forward into front up, then you just drive through your left foot, squeezing your abs tight, balance and tip over into a deadlift, overloading that balancing leg. Step back again, reverse lunge, front up, drive through that leg, tip over, good. Again. Reverse lunge, the arms go forward, drive through that front leg, push through the heel and really recruit that buttocks. Good. Back to that leg. Again. Step back. Stomach is tight. Drive through the heel, balance by focusing on a spot and pulling the abs in tight. One more time. Good job. Now, try to take it to 20 reps and really tone the back of that leg.
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