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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

The Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down exercise tones your chest and abs.

-We call this next one the Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up. For a full body---- full body work out, you're gonna use your chest, your back, and your core. She's gonna start in a modified push-up stance. The thumbs are touching, takes one hand to the back without losing stability. Good! Comes right back down, thumbs touch, hands come all the way behind her back, and she places it down. If you want more of a challenge, she's gonna place the feet down, come all the way up into a full flank position. Now, that hand comes behind, touches the back, that's it, strong. Excellent! Thumbs touch. Take the other hand right behind your back. Try to maintain alignment and you place it back down, knees come down.
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