Breast Stroke

The Breast Stroke exercise tones your upper back, shoulders and legs.

-This move is called the Breast Stroke on Land. Okay. So, she starts---- Ana starts in a squat position with her hands right in front of her chest. She's gonna extend the arms overhead, bring them all the way out to the side, just like a classic breast stroke, and then back in to the chest. Good! Straight up, all the way around, good, bringing it in. So, she extends up and then she brings it around. So it looks like a Lat Pull-Down, so she should feel it right in the upper back muscles, taking it all the way up extension, all the way around. Good! She's keeping her weight back out of her knees so that the weight is really back in the glutes, in the thighs. She's got 3 more. Take it all the way around. Good! Back to center, last 2 full extensions, keep those hips low. That's it, Ana. Keep breathing. One more, take it all the way up, all the way open, nice and wide, back to center, and you're done.