Booty Swirl

The Booty Swirl exercise tones your hips and butt.

-Okay. The next one is called the Booty Swirl. A couple of alignment cues before you get started. You wanna make sure your core's engaged, belly button to spine. Hands are down right under the shoulders especially the thumb and forefinger side into the mat, and then the back of the neck long, so her eyes are set right between the fingertips. Good. She's gonna take the leg straight up and then make a circle with the knee, all the way out to the side and back in. And as she goes around, right, and brings it around, kinda swirls it in, you're gonna feel the glute start to get some fire, some heat in there. That's exactly what you want. One more, she places this knee down, takes the other side. It goes straight up behind, comes all the way around and in, and as you circle, the bigger the circle, the more the burn. If you can get it up real high, that's great. If not so much, you can start with it small and then you get to a bigger one. Last one, all the way around. She places the knee down. There's your Booty Swirl.