Bag Basics

Gym Bag Basics

Don't leave home without your shoes or water bottle again. Better TV shows you how to organize your gym bag.

-You're getting ready to hit the gym and you have everything in your bag except what you really need. Help is here though. Fitness Magazine editor Denise Brody shows us how to pack the perfect gym bag. -The best way to pack a gym bag, at Fitness, we're always making sure that people can do thing quickly and easily. So, you want a nylon gym back, something you could throw in the wash if it gets really stinky. This one has an extra spot for your sneakers. I always keep an extra pair of sneakers in the bag and I don't use them for anything else. That way, you don't have any excuse. Throw your lock in there. This one uses words so you don't have to remember, was it 7-9-8-2. In the world of passwords, who wants to remember another one? This is great. It's cute. It's pink. This is crucial, okay? Works for 90 days, keeps all the stink out of your sneakers and everything else. You wanna pair it down to the basics. You need something to keep your hair back, deodorant (don't wanna be stinky). You need to refill and refuel. You don't wanna be at the gym feeling really out of it, especially if you're rushing from work or from your kids, you don't have time to eat. These are filled with electrolytes, basically salt replacement. And then my favorite of all things----flip-flops; perfect for going to yoga class if you're not wearing regular sneakers. But also, these hide your key. So if you're travelling, you could put your hotel key in there or you can put your locker, little tiny locker key, in there or an extra couple of dollars for a water bottle. This is a great big jug of water. You should really be drinking a lot when you work out. I actually tend to say to people, "You wanna have a bag that's just for working out so that you never feel like, 'Oh, something, one of those things that I need is over here, over there.'" Certainly, you know, great bottle for your desk, great flip-flops so you can get a pedicure, but, you know, keep it all together and you have no excuses not to go. -This has been We're always on with tips and ideas to make your life better. Send us your thoughts, Together, we'll make your home, family, and life better. Thanks for watching.