Much Sunscreen Do You Need?

How Much Sunscreen Do You Need?

Here, tips for applying the right amount of sunscreen so you can properly protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.

Hi! I'm Leah Wyar, the beauty director at FITNESS magazine and you're watching an episode of pretty fit tips. At FITNESS, we're huge advocates of wearing sunscreen on a daily basis no matter what your skin tone and that's to prevent skin cancer. When applying your sunscreen, there are 3 things to remember to make sure your skin stays its healthiest. First, apply the proper dose of sunscreen to your face, neck, and body. When you're talking about your body, you need about one ounce or a shot glass full of sunscreen. But when you're at the beach and you don't have a shot glass, use the palm of your hand which holds about an ounce of sunscreen. And just take that and apply it to the various areas of your body to make sure you're staying protected. For your face and neck, you need about one teaspoon of sunscreen. But, of course we're not measuring out our doses of sunscreen every day, so apply about a quarter or half-dollar amount to the palm of your hand and then make sure that it's applied evenly on your face and on your neck. The second thing to remember is not to forget your hairline or your part. These are areas that dermatologists are finding an epidemic of skin cancers. Now, the easiest way to apply sunscreen there is with an aerosol product because it won't leave a greasy residue in your hair. Lastly, if you're going to be outside all day, it's important to layer your sunscreen. So, apply the proper dose of lotion to your body and then touch up using an aerosol product while you're at the beach. You need to touch up more frequently if you're gonna be swimming or if you're working up a sweat playing beach volleyball. And when it comes to your face, apply the proper dose of lotion and then cover it with a mineral-based powder which contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and those are physical barriers that will prevent the sun from ever penetrating the skin. That's all for now. Stay tuned for more episodes of pretty fit tips.