to Shop for Healthy Oils and Fats

How to Shop for Healthy Oils and Fats

Get healthy grocery shopping tips from Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, for picking healthy oils and fats.

-Hello! I'm Dawn Jackson Blatner, Registered Dietician with FITNESS magazine, and I'm here at Stop & Shop in Union, New Jersey in the butter section of the grocery store. Fats are an important part of our diet. They help us absorb fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, and E, and they also keep our skin very smooth and healthy. So, it's important to eat fat but you have to eat the right kind of fats and here is a big tip. Any oil that's liquid at room temperature is good for you. So, olive oil is a very good fat and I like to use it in a lot of dishes, but I also think it's important to branch out and try some varieties of oils. One that I love is sesame oil. It has a nice sesame flavor to stir fries or something like grapeseed oil is a fantastic fat to use if you're doing something with very high temperatures like grilling. Now, if you're somebody who's having a little bit of difficulty portioning oil because oil does have 120 calories per tablespoon, a good option would be oil in spray. Now, this distributes a good flavor but not too much, so it keeps things portion-controlled and really delicious. Now, if you're in the mood for spreadable fats and you're looking at the sticks of butter or you're looking at sticks of margarine, don't choose either. Butter has a lot of saturated fat and margarine, a lot of trans fats. Both are not good for your heart. So, a better option would be something like---- this is whipped butter in a tub and it whips in air so that although you get the delicious natural butter taste, you're not getting quite as much butter. A little bit of air, so it keeps calories and fat in check. Another great option are trans fat-free margarine spreads. Now, I double checked on the label to make sure that there's no partially hydrogenated oil which this does not have, so I'm gonna keep this because that's gonna be a heart-smart choice.