Wall Slide

The Wall Slide exercise works your shoulders, abs, butt, and legs.

-The last exercise in our program are the wall slides, and you're gonna find a nice sturdy wall that you're gonna side up and down against. With your 3-pound weights handy, reach your arms out in front of you. The palms can face down and slide down the wall until you're in a full sitting position. You're really going for a sharp 90-degree angle, and we can build this up from say 15 seconds to 30 and then eventually 60. The arms are gonna come all the way up overhead. And you're gonna press the heads of the weights into the wall. Keep a sharp angle at the knees. Keep the belly in. And when you've stayed for the requisite amount of time, lower the arms and slide yourself back up the wall. We can repeat this 2 or 3 times, building up from 3 sets of 15 seconds to 1 solid minute. That would be your goal.