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Food & Nutrition

When it comes to food, we want to help you do more than diet. This is your complete guide to eating well, including hundreds of healthy (and delicious) recipes, smart shopping tips, on-the-go eating strategies, and the skinny on the vitamins your body needs most.

Burgers, tacos, pizza — find out which of your fast-food favorites aren't so bad after all. Our list includes picks from KFC, McDonald's, Taco Bell, and more, plus healthy fast-food desserts.

Putting a scoop of protein powder in your smoothie is a no-brainer.

Ready to upgrade your avocado game beyond just guac and salads? Turns out, the superfood is super versatile. Read on for recipes you'll love.

"Omega-3s are healthy polyunsaturated fats, and an essential part of a heart-healthy diet," explains Suzanne Steinbaum, DO, founding member of the Global Nutrition and Health Alliance (GNHA) and direc

Tired of the same ol' lunch routine? Let us inspire you!

Umami—the "fifth taste" everyone forgets about—is distinct from its better-known siblings (salty, sweet, sour, and bitter) thanks to its smooth and savory qualities.

The FDA recommends consuming an ounce and a half of nuts (about a handful, or 240 calories) per day, but only four out of 10 Americans eat nuts on a daily basis, according to a recent CDC study.

Giving up gluten? No need to sacrifice your fave breakfast foods! The morning meal still has plenty of promise thanks to these 10 gluten-free breakfast recipes.

"Eating can be a powerful distraction from uncomfortable or sad feelings," says Sari Shepphird, a clinical and sport psychologist and author of 100 Questions and Answers About Anorexia Nervosa.

Resisting the salty, fried and ooey-gooey comfort food that takes over on Super Bowl Sunday is tough, but doing so when there are zero alternatives in sight makes it nearly impossible.

Find yourself reaching for that bottle of Aleve every 28 days on the dot? Put it away.

Doubt gluten-free muffins can be as yummy as their wheat-based counterparts? We dare you to bake these g-free goodies from scratch and not get addicted.

Move over, green juice. The newest liquid health darling is meant to warm you up while blasting your body with minerals.

Tired of smoking up your kitchen when you try to grill indoors? Follow these tips to get grilling, no matter the season.

Intrigued by a vegan diet plan, but worried that you'll miss your favorite foods and recipes? Fear not!

The trusty countertop appliance might be a pro at blitzing up your morning kale-banana-berry smoothie, but it can make so much more than drinks. Here, some of our fave ways to use the blender.

Saying sayonara to sugar is a healthy, admirable goal, whether it's your official New Year's resolution or you just want to cut down after the dessert-filled holiday season.