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Steep Perks: Why Drinking Tea Is Good for Your Health

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Brew Basics

Making the perfect cup takes practice. That's why Bruce Richardson, the author of more than a dozen books about the beverage, holds classes regularly. Fresh, loose leaves yield the most health benefits and flavor (though tea bags will do in a pinch), and different types of teas require different methods.

Water Temp

"The lighter the tea, the cooler the water should be," Richardson says.

White: 155° That's way off of boiling temp, which is 212°. Let the water rest for three minutes before you pour.

Green: 165° After boiling, let the water rest for two minutes before pouring.

Oolong: 200° Get the water close to a boil before pouring, or let it rest for a minute after boiling.

Black/Herbal: 212° No resting.

Steeping Time

While each tea has a specific steeping time, the three- to five-minute range is a safe guideline for all of them (stay closer to three with tea bags, which steep more quickly than loose leaves). If you oversteep, dilute the tea with a little water to make it more palatable.

Iced Tea

Don't use hot water, which creates chemical reactions that change the flavor slightly. To cold-infuse, put tea leaves in a bottle of water (one teaspoon of fresh leaves or one bag for every six ounces of water), then refrigerate for a couple of hours. Screw on a filter cap, like the TeaSpot Steep & Go ($10,, and sip away. Making a pitcher? Add four teaspoons of loose leaves or four two-gram bags per quart of water and chill for eight to 12 hours. "You can also put leftover hot tea over ice to drink later," Richardson says. Finish it within 24 hours; after that, the antioxidants start to dissipate.

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rgllawson wrote:

Nothing beats a great cup of soothing hot tea!

9/13/2014 02:00:37 PM Report Abuse
osakamama1 wrote:

Very informative & well-balanced re:benefits of tea. I use it to substitute for my coffee habit. Less caffeine & healthier!

5/25/2014 03:37:53 PM Report Abuse
libby70302 wrote:

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5/23/2014 07:02:26 PM Report Abuse
tiptoegsxr wrote:

"Kombucha" is Chinese?? I thought it was Japanese. "Kombu" is a "sea kelp" and "cha" means "tea."

3/28/2014 05:22:01 PM Report Abuse
margauxmcmullin wrote:

WOw! I am searching those blog related site. At least got it.Now i tell that this site obviously for human being..Thanks

2/28/2014 12:19:44 PM Report Abuse

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