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Healthy Desserts

Yes, you can have dessert! And with these low-calorie options, guilt-free never tasted so good.

Just because you're trying to eat healthy doesn't mean you can't have dessert. Here, our picks for the best, healthiest dessert recipes.

Sweet tooth got you hangry? Us, too.

Dessert: It's something we're always jonesing for, but almost always feel guilty about. Not anymore.

This might just be the sweetest news you receive all day: Desserts don't need to go extinct if you're following a paleo diet.

When Hershey’s announced the new Reese’s spread, we couldn’t help but dream of sweet, chocolaty recipes. Here are our favorites.

'Tis the season for sweet treats—which isn't a bad thing. Experts say that from-scratch desserts are better for your waistline than ho-hum packaged versions.

Nonni's Double Chocolate Salted Caramel Biscotti Bites

You shouldn't feel guilty about satisfying your sweet tooth, but that doesn't mean anything goes.

From main-dish meals to drool-worthy desserts, get cooking with these healthy, easy recipes using summer's sweetest fruit.

Treat yourself to these decadent desserts with the health benefits of cacao, without the heavy calories.

Decadent cupcakes, brownies, and cookies do have a place in a healthy diet. The secret: sneak tweaks that bring your baked goods out of guilt-inducing territory and into a whole new "light."

Decadent cakes, brownies, and cookies do have a place in a healthy diet. Try these recipes with tiny tweaks to make guilt-free baked goods.

Satisfy chocolate and comfort food cravings with this low-cal dessert.

Pastry chef and author of Sweet & Skinny, Marisa Churchill shares low-calorie and low-fat dessert recipes from her cookbook.

We gave this recipe for mini cheesecakes a healthy makeover to make these creamy, dreamy morsels guilt-free. Enjoy!

Lemon bars are the perfect summer dessert — especially if they're low in fat and calories.

With our delicious, guilt-free recipe, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Cookies, brownies, cheesecake, ice cream.... These desserts taste sinful, but go ahead and indulge: each serving contains less than 250 calories.