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Healthy Desserts

Yes, you can have dessert! And with these low-calorie options, guilt-free never tasted so good.

Just because you're trying to eat healthy doesn't mean you can't have dessert. Here, our picks for the best, healthiest dessert recipes.

Satisfy your sweet tooth and beat the heat with this healthy recipe for delicious watermelon ice cream.

These dairy-free recipes prove it's easier than you think to make your favorite childhood treat vegan-friendly.

Can't wait for summer? Neither can we! Registered dietitian Abbey Sharp helps you kick off the season early with these guilt-free ice pops.

The iconic peanut butter-banana combo is a childhood favorite.

A decadent, rich, and creamy cashew cream cake topped with blueberry chia seed jam.

You know the sweet potato as a versatile and delicious starch for lunch and dinner, but did you know this orange spud could be used in dessert recipes too?

Healthy substitutes for sugar can help you keep your diet in check without depriving yourself of the sweet treats you love.

No milk? No butter? No eggs? No problem. These eight recipes prove there is a such thing as a tasty vegan dessert. Even non-vegans will be begging for a bite.

What's packed with healthy omega-3s and hunger-pang-reducing fiber? You guessed it: chia seeds! They also just so happen to blend perfectly with sweets.

Valentine's Day is all about love: loving each other, loving yourself, and more importantly, loving dessert.

These clean desserts use natural ingredients, so you can gorge without the guilt. Don't worry, they taste just as good as the bad stuff.

Skip your usual sugary, carb-heavy dessert (like cookies or candy), and go for something that focuses more on satisfying protein instead!

Winter's freezing cold temps make you want to bundle up and hunker down. A great way to get warm? Whip up a batch of these cozy winter desserts that taste decadent, but are surprisingly healthy.

Baking a batch of brownies and only having one is a level of willpower few have.

Yes, you can get through the holidays without gaining a pound!

Satisfy your sweet tooth this summer sans sugar crash (or spending half your paycheck at Ben & Jerry's) with these recipes that will make you put down the pint and pick up the popsicle maker, stat