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The Best Workout Ever: Have Your Own Coregasm

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A very fortunate 10 percent of women experience orgasms while working out. Meet one of them.

From Big Ow to Big O

If you think about it, exercise has a lot in common with sex: You get nice and sweaty, a killer playlist makes you want to work harder, a towel always comes in handy, and a tall glass of cold water afterwards feels mighty refreshing. But lately, my workout routine has been mirroring my hanky panky in one very special way: I can't seem to crank out a set of abdominal moves without having an orgasm.

(Pause for applause.)

Yes, while most women leave a hardcore workout feeling the Big Ow, lately, my Plank Swipes and Single Leg Stretches have been delivering the Big O. It all started when a friend loaned me her Tracy Anderson Post-Pregnancy Workout DVD; once my OB/GYN cleared me to resume abdominal work following my C-section, I popped that sucker in, laid a towel down on our living room floor, and got to work. The video started innocently enough: an easy crunch here, an impossible pike series there. But about seven minutes in, I noticed this routine was feeling a lot, umm, hotter than most. And it had nothing to do with friction -- it seemed the harder I contracted my abs, the better it felt. Before I knew it, I'd eked out about eight orgasms, while my husband toiled away in the nursery just a few feet away, changing our newborn daughter's ninth poopy diaper of the day.

Later that week, at the gym, it happened again, this time while working on a BOSU Ball. Admittedly, this isn't the first time I've climaxed at the gym; once, while researching a sex story, I was asked to wear a pearl thong for a day and report back on my bedazzled adventures. Let's just say, once I discovered the magical combination of genital jewelry and the Pilates Reformer, I cultivated quite the six-pack.

I e-mailed some friends to see who else had ever been in serious need of a cool down after a workout. After sorting through the jokey responses (My personal favorite: "I started banging on the weights to release the frustration of not having an orgasm from the 'dumbbell' I was sleeping with!"), I realized I was hardly alone in my health club climaxes. Lucy,* 34, revealed that her first ever orgasm occurred during gymnastics practice as a teenager.

"My coach challenged us to a hanging leg raise contest," she recalls. "At first I just thought I felt awesome because I was winning, but then after the last girl dropped I was still going. Everyone was like, 'You won! You can come down now,' and I was like, 'No way! I'm going to keep going until my arms detach!' I didn't know what it was at the time but that was my first official O."

Mara, 36, used to experience fireworks while jogging as a college student. (Her parents' house was 120 miles away and she liked to joke that she would jog home every weekend just to do laundry -- and enjoy the accompanying Os.) And in her early 20s, Alexandra, now 53, used to call the Roman Chair at her gym "The Orgasmatron."

*Name has been changed to protect the multi-orgasmic

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