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Shake It Off : How to Stay Confident at Any Occasion

Even the most confident women have self-conscious moments. Nancy Redd, a FITNESS advisory board member and the author of Body Drama, details how to deal with bouts of insecurity.

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Lynda Churilla
Stephanie Rausser
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Laura Doss
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You're Nervous About...Your High School Reunion

How to snap out of it: Make a list of what you've achieved since graduation. "You may not fit into your old acid-washed Levi's, but concentrating on your successes shifts the focus from how you look to what you can do," says Redd.

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You're Nervous About...That Mirrored Spinning Class

How to snap out of it: Walk around in your birthday suit at home. The more time you spend naked, the more body-confident you'll become. (Got roomies? Keep it in the bedroom!)

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You're Nervous About...Hitting the Beach

How to snap out of it: "Hold your head high, and look people in the eye," says Redd. "When you act confident, you feel more confident -- and you won't fixate on your 'flaws.'"

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You're Nervous About...Trying on Jeans

How to snap out of it: Shop in the morning. "As the day goes on, your body retains salt and water, a recipe for bloating," says Redd.

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You're Nervous About...Getting It On with Your Guy

How to snap out of it: Engage in foreplay without total exposure: Take a bubble bath together, Redd suggests. Or get creative with a slinky robe or another prop that gives you a sense of privacy. (P.S.: We promise that cellulite is the last thing on his mind.)

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, July/August 2009.

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jlpaul wrote:

im 5'6, 125lbs, and i workout 5-6 days a week, and trust me i may be petite but ALL women get self conscious sometimes. Stop getting mad because you come to a fitness site for them to post pics of overweight people to tell you that you look great. If you are unhappy, work out, dont eat a ton, it will show! Its just ridiculous all the negative comments about the pics, get over yourself if your forty pounds over weight don't get mad because no one will kid you

5/2/2012 10:19:43 AM Report Abuse
harlowsharem wrote:

It would be nice if for once you showed an average looking woman. Not a model with the perfect body that has no flaws to be nervous about. Show a woman with fat thighs, waist, or hips, or even no boobs. We are not all built like the models you show and it is just depressing to have some perfect person tell you how to be more confident, As if they have any flaws to we worried about. Get a view from real people and show what a normal American woman looks like, not a model.

12/26/2011 04:48:32 AM Report Abuse
deborahjmill1 wrote:

Hard to believe what you are preaching with pictures of perfectly shaped models next to your tips. Try giving us real people/bodies and your tips would be more creditable.

12/21/2011 11:08:21 AM Report Abuse
anonymous wrote:

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