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1 day ago
A dermatologist weighs in on the puzzling beauty trend. More
4 days ago
We know smoking is never a good idea. But even taking a drag just here and there can have serious consequences. More
5 days ago
One of the major risks involved may not be so major after all. More
6 days ago
Uh oh. More

Yoga for Better Sleep

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6 days ago
An expert explains why you crave even more cake. More
6 days ago
They skipped the egg-freezing craze in an effort to try a potentially more advanced method to help them get pregnant. More
1 week ago
With more and more 20-somethings looking into freezing their eggs, the questions about the procedure and its effects are changing. We got some much-needed answers from a pro who understands how the face of fertility treatment is changing. More
1 week ago
Health and fitness is rarely one-size-fits-all, so why should it be that way for water consumption? Say goodbye to the "just drink eight cups a day" rule with this new high-tech bottle. More
1 week ago
But should you be using it? More
1 week ago
But don't roll a joint just yet. More
2 weeks ago
"Just get it removed" is not a good enough reason to stop protecting yourself from skin cancer. More
2 weeks ago
It's normal for your appetite to be out of whack when you're sleep-deprived. Here's what to eat to keep going without resorting to that 3pm frappucino. More

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