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10 Healthy Eating Instagram Accounts to Follow

A new study from BYU shows that Instagramming your food or looking at others' shots over and over again can make it less appealing to eat. Oh no! To this end, we say follow your food inspiration wisely so your taste buds will never be bored. Here are 10 healthy eating Instagrammers worth a follow.
Milking Almonds Instagram @milkingalmonds

Beautifully composed with minimalist restraint, @milkingalmonds is a striking Instagram account that features delicious vegan, plant-based creations, courtesy of Trine Rask. "I want to make it as accessible as possible and debunk the myth that we only eat grass and tofu," she says, with emphasis on its animal- and environment-friendly philosophy in addition to its nutritional benefits.

Though the Copenhagen foodie's blog Milking Almonds gives recipe measurements in metric system, we'd say the end result -- say, an edamame-pistachio-lime burger with avocado and mint dressing -- is way worth the conversion inconvenience. Oh, and did we mention Rask's series of sweet treat shakes, which turns everyone's favorite candies and desserts into milkshakes, minus the synthetic junk? Exhibit A: This peanut butter cup shake. Oh my.