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8 Tips to Find Your Perfect-Fitting Jeans

How many times have you bought a cute pair of jeans online, only to end up at the post office for a return when you realize that "your size" is way too big or snug? With fall clothing making its way into stores, we talked to some sizing experts to help you navigate the racks and help you find your perfect fit.
Jeans on shelves Know the Store Sizing Scale

"Many mass retailers tend to use larger-than-average sizes so their entire sizing scale will run bigger than designer denim," says Ladino. "Higher-quality denim will usually run on the smaller end (since the weight of the fabric will be heavier) and they are usually one hundred percent cotton." That means that they will need to be broken in, but as they are, they will conform to your body better. Tip alert: According to Ladino, higher-end designer jeans will run small because they make their fit similar to European sizes. So if you prefer a pair with more stretch, it's best to buy some that fit tighter.