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The Unhealthiest Ballpark Foods to Eat

Some of our favorite food traditions are a swing and a miss. Learn how to sub out those unhealthy ballpark eats this summer, plus find out what the biggest calorie bombs in the stands are.
spring sports Diet Strikeout

Let's face it, the real reason we head to the ballpark every year isn't to root on our favorite pitcher or watch our home team win its first World Series. Baseball is about two things: 1) guys in tight pants and 2) food.

Funny thing is, all the food that stadiums serve up can keep you out of your own favorite pair of pants. So when it comes to making it through the season without resorting to sweat pants, it's all about labeling the worst of the worst.

Here's a look into the stadium's most common food strikeouts -- and how you can sub them out without offending your all-American taste buds.