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Wow Abs Now: The Two-Week Ab Makeover Workout

Tighten up in two weeks with this killer belly-cinching session.
Wow Abs Now Workout About This Workout

The heat is on -- time for your tummy to come out of hiding and hit the pool or beach. No sweat. "If you want a belly that looks great in a bikini fast, you need exercises that engage multiple ab muscles with every rep," says Mahri Relin, the creator of the Body Conceptions Method, whose sculpting moves work magic on muffin tops. Firm ab flab pronto with Relin's extra-strength toners on these pages, mixing in three minutes of cardio -- one minute each of mountain climbers, burpees, and jumping jacks -- after every two exercises. (Have a pair of three- to five-pound dumbbells handy.) Do the workout three times a week and you'll be flashing some navel in no time.