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Get Fit for Summer: The Bikini Body Boot Camp

Get ready for the beach with this calorie-scorching workout with butt-boosting, core-strengthening, and shoulder-sculpting exercises.
Bikini Boot Camp Workout Trim-and-Tone Circuit Workout

Your secret to a hot body this summer? A twofer tone-up routine that intersperses high-octane cardio bursts with muscle-burning strength moves. The result: You wearing nothing but a bikini and total confidence. It all comes from the Bombshell Bootcamp cocreator Cari Shoemate, a Houston-based trainer who's whipped hundreds of women into swimsuit-ready shape with her calorie-scorching circuit workouts. Her moves are especially effective when it's time to don barely-there swimwear, because they focus on toning up the parts that need the most attention. "Sculpted shoulders balance out your lower body, creating an illusion of a slimmer waist and hips," Shoemate explains. Butt-boosting exercises get you ready for bikini bottoms or boy shorts, and core-strengtheners focus on working your deep abdominals, obliques, and six-pack muscles to help you stand taller and look slimmer. Grab a set of three- to five-pound dumbbells and do our Trim-and-Tone Circuit, which includes cardio bursts and strength moves, on three nonconsecutive days a week. Then do your favorite form of cardio for 30 minutes twice a week. (You get bonus points if you make one of these sweat sessions a booty-shaping hill workout.) Proof positive that it works: Our group of testers, who followed Shoemate's plan for a month, dropped up to seven and a half pounds and lost an average of more than two inches from their waistlines. You'll see results just as fast, which will keep you motivated and have you rocking a two-piece in no time. See you on the beach!