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10 Flirty Fitness Dates

Stop resorting to dinner and a movie. These fun, fit ideas will spice up any date, whether it's your first or fiftieth.
Couple doing yoga Naked Yoga

When the clothes come off, do you and your guy immediately climb under the sheets? Consider climbing on the mat instead. "Nudity in relationships can become complacent, and it gets to the point where we rarely see each other fully naked," says Grace Wathan, yoga instructor at Las Vegas Naked Yoga. "Practicing yoga together in the nude gives you an opportunity to see and learn about each other's bodies and deal with body image insecurities." In fact, women who practice yoga have 20 percent higher body satisfaction than those who perform aerobics, according to a study done by the University of California in Berkeley. "Yoga connects you to your body and helps you admire it for all it can do, not how it looks," says Wathan. "When practiced correctly, yoga engages the entire body -- especially the core -- while giving you more energy, reducing stress, and improving your mood and posture."

Set the Date: Run a simple Google search for "naked yoga classes" in your city. Keep in mind that they are typically not offered in gyms, but in alternate spaces, as public locales need a special license to play host to people who are sans clothes, says Wathan. If you can't find a class or are just feeling shy, move your coffee table and strip down at home.