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10 Flirty Fitness Dates

Stop resorting to dinner and a movie. These fun, fit ideas will spice up any date, whether it's your first or fiftieth.
Couple rock climbing Rock Climbing

Your hearts are going to race, and not just in the I'm-about-to-pee-in-my-spandex way. When your body is physiologically aroused (think skyrocketing blood pressure, slippery palms, and a pounding heart kind of way) your brain links that feeling with whatever -- or whoever -- is in your environment. So if you're there when your date's heart goes pitter-patter, he won't blame his fear of heights, he'll believe you're the reason for his jitters, Hokemeyer says. Plus, the only thing that's better than the view at the top is the one under your beau's booty from below! Belaying (operating the climber's rope) requires teamwork and clear communication that can push couples way past any mundane conversation they had during a dimly lit dinner, says Hokemeyer. Also, the belayer is responsible for the climber not falling on their head, so trust is pretty vital -- rappelling down is the biggest trust fall known to man.

Set the Date: Before you go mountain crazy, start with something manmade. If your gym has a climbing wall, perfect. If not, check out indoorclimbing.com to find a site near you.